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October, 2009

October 31, 2009  3:00 PM

Happy Haloween

Posted by: Colin Smith
Fun, Holiday

Happy Halloween from Hawaii everyone. I saw this and thought that I would share with you as well. I would love to go to one of the houses in this video. I love Tech and these are using plenty of it. Cool Stuff Have fun and be safe.

October 29, 2009  8:00 PM

Windows 7

Posted by: Colin Smith
Media, Media Streaming, Microsoft Windows, Windows

I have played with one of the preview releases and I liked it just fine. I just read some good info on Engadget that leads me to believe that I will like Windows 7 just because of the media center upgrades that have been done. I...

October 28, 2009  8:00 AM


Posted by: Colin Smith

Well I am very close to heading out on a nice 10 day vacation to Hawaii. I have been looking forward to this for about 6 months and it is finally here. I fly out on Wednesday morning and I will not return until the following Friday. I may post while I am on vacation of I see anything or do anything...

October 27, 2009  3:30 AM

Active, Active, Active

Posted by: Colin Smith
Cluster, MSSQL, MSSQL Administration, MSSQL Install, MSSQL Server, SQL Server 2008

Last week I got the chance to work on an Active, Active, Active SQL Server 2008 Cluster install. This was new to me and very fun. We have three physical hosts all using SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. The Servers are also running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. I worked with one of our...

October 26, 2009  4:26 PM

Databases not accessible

Posted by: Colin Smith
MS SQL Admin, MS SQL Server, MS SQL Troubleshooting, MSSQL Administration, SQL Server 2005

Just got a call that three databases on an instance where many reside were not accessible. Users were getting errors about not enough disk, memory, or the files were inaccessible. I logged into the server and found that the databases were not offline but could not be accessed. I looked into the...

October 22, 2009  10:00 AM


Posted by: Colin Smith
Certification, MS SQL Server, MSSQL, Study

So Like I said before I did take the MCTS Exam and I did pass. I can not go into any detail about the test as you have to agree to an NDA before you take it. The test was, in my opinion, not as hard as the study material. I think that MS did a great job with the study material for this test. I was...

October 21, 2009  4:00 PM

Sprint HTC Hero

Posted by: Colin Smith
Android, Email, Exchange, Phone

One reason that I was so excited to get this phone was that it supports Exchange Active Sync out of the box. This is great for me since I would like to consolidate down to one phone and get rid of my employer provided device that I am not so fond of. Well I was very disappointed when it did not...

October 21, 2009  10:00 AM

AD Audit all together

Posted by: Colin Smith
AD, AD Administration, AD Managment, Powershell, Scripting

Here is the full script so you can copy and paste it. Remember that you will need to make some modifications to the script to fit your environment. Let me know if you have any questions at...

October 20, 2009  6:48 PM

AD Audit Script Q and A

Posted by: Colin Smith
AD, AD Administration, AD Managment, Powershell, Q and A, Scripting

I got the following comment on Part 3 of the script. RobDolfijn Hi Colin, This is just what I need so I’m looking forward to the whole script! I’m getting stuc on Get_Users because it...

October 20, 2009  4:45 PM

AD Audit in Powershell Script Part 6

Posted by: Colin Smith
AD, AD Administration, AD Managment, Powershell, Scripting

As i recall, in Part 5 we had gathered all the account information, parsed that, disabled accounts that needed to be disabled, gathered information on all the disabled accounts, and removed the accounts from the domain that needed to be...

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