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June, 2009

June 30, 2009  8:13 PM

Select Folder Dialog Box

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, Powershell, Scripting

If you would like your scripts to interact with the user and have a nice popup box for a user to select a folder here is a link to an article that will help you out. I think this is pretty great.

June 30, 2009  3:38 PM

Reboot a Remote Windows Host Remotely

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, Powershell, Remote boot, Windows Administration

Say you need to reboot a server and this is something that you would like to automate based on certain criteria. For instance, I might want to reboot a server if I can talk to the server but for somereason my SQL Server is not up and running. If everything is configured correctly the SQL Server...

June 30, 2009  3:28 PM

Test a path in Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
Microsoft Windows, Powershell, Windows Administration

this is a simple thing but it can be very useful. I use this is many of my scripts. Sometimes I want to make sure that a file is available for me to append and if not then I would like to create a new one. Take a log file for example, if the file has been moved or deleted, perhaps it grew very...

June 26, 2009  5:46 PM

Finding what account a Service is running as

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database Administration, MSSQL, Powershell, Services

Yesterday my boss came to me asking if I knew what server an account was running on. I know that the account is used as a SQL Server service account because of the naming convention that was used. I also know that the account is being used as I used the Quest Software cmdlet get-qaduser to query AD...

June 26, 2009  3:54 PM

Another Example of why you should learn Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
Administration, Powershell, Scripting, Server Administration

I was roaming around the web and reading some articles and I ran across the following blog post: I think this is a great reason why all administrators that deal with Microsoft products should learn...

June 26, 2009  3:11 PM

Shocking Death of an Icon

Posted by: Colin Smith
Entertainment, Jackson, Micheal, Micheal Jackson, Tragedy

Since I work for a news media outlet I thought that I would comment on this news. Michael Jackson's untimely death. Everyone knows about Michael and all the controversy that has surrounded him for many years now. whether or not you are a fan, a hater, you believe he has been guilty or innocent of...

June 25, 2009  9:24 PM

PowerShell SQL Server Health Check Script

Posted by: Colin Smith
Excel, Monitoring, MSSQL, Powershell, SQL Server

OK so I think that I have everything I want in my script to check on the health of my SQL Servers. I will run this at least once a day and more if needed. I hope that this will help some people out and if you have any questions, comments, or ideas of what else might be good to include please let me...

June 25, 2009  6:12 PM

Powershell Query AD

Posted by: Colin Smith
Active Directory, Powershell

I have talked in the past about some cmdlets that Quest Software provides for Powershell. Well today they came in usefull for me. My boss came up and wanted to know when the last time a certain service account had authenticated to the domain. Now we log all users logging in via our login script but...

June 25, 2009  3:30 PM

SQL Server Health Report

Posted by: Colin Smith
Microsoft, Monitoring, MSSQL, Powershell, Reporting, SQL Server

Yesterday I posted about a great article that I found on how to use Powershell to create an excel file and also use SMO to get information about SQL Server. I am working on a report that I will have run daily. This report is going to give me an overall health check of my SQL Servers. I am going to...

June 24, 2009  3:54 PM

Microsoft Live Mesh

Posted by: Colin Smith
Beta, Microsoft, Remote Support

So, I do not know about you allI can say that since I know something about computers I get hit up for free computer help from family all the time. I do not really mind this but it is sometimes hard to get to them in a timely manner. Well I stumbled upon Microsft Live Mesh the other day and it is...

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