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January, 2009

January 31, 2009  8:20 PM

Powershell Tools

Posted by: Colin Smith

Powershell V1.0 does not come with any tools to write scripts. Powershell V2.0 does come with a IDE but it is not as good as some of the other third party IDE's and V2.0 is still in CTP so you do not want to put it into production. Here are a couple links to a few that I have used and found to be...

January 30, 2009  6:01 PM

Powershell V2.0 CTP 3

Posted by: Colin Smith
Microsoft Windows, Powershell, SQL Server, Windows Administration

Powershell CTP 3 is out and ready to download and try on for size. I am downloading now and can not wait to get it installed and start playing around with it. I am looking forward to the release of V 2.0 and I really hope that they add actual useable remote functionality. I would like to have this...

January 28, 2009  8:29 PM

Powershell Explained

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, Windows Administration

If you are using Powershell but would like a better explanation of how it all actually works then here is a great video with Jeffery Snover and he explains things very nicely. Check it out and I hope that it will help you understand Powershell and even get even more into...

January 27, 2009  10:53 PM

Partitioning Tool

Posted by: Colin Smith
Windows, Windows Administration

I made a big mistake at home and only gave myself a 10 Gig partition of a 250Gig drive to be my boot drive. This was OK for a while but I did not manage the space well and before I knew it I was out of space and could not delete any more files. I found this great tool for home that is free for home...

January 27, 2009  8:58 PM

Learning SQL

Posted by: Colin Smith
SQL, SQL Server

I have been a DBA for about a year now and I still have not had to really do much SQL. I do other things such as backups, restores, indexing, and other things to make sure that our databases are in good shape and that our data is safe. I thought it would be a great idea to learn some SQL though so...

January 27, 2009  8:52 PM

Disk Monitoring Q and A

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, Windows, Windows Administration

Mike sent me an email asking about the input file for the disk monitoring script that I posted a while back. He could not get the script to work as he was putting the hostname and the IP of the machine in the computerlistall.txt file. The script was written to have either the hostname or the IP of...

January 22, 2009  5:24 PM

Putty Connection Manager Tool

Posted by: Colin Smith
Linux, Oracle, Sybase, Unix

If you are working in Unix or Linux you are most likely using some tool to connect via ssh to that server for your session. Putty is a free tool that manages this very nicely. Many of you are already using Putty I am sure. If you are I did find a Putty Connection Manager that is really very nice....

January 21, 2009  5:25 PM

Powershell 2.0 CTP (Transactions)

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, Windows

As I said I am just starting to fool around with Powershell V2.0 and I ran across a cmd-let that really grabbed my attention and I went to read more about it. This is a Fanatastic Idea and I am so excited to see Powershell use this in more Providers. Transactions, How cool is that? Just like...

January 21, 2009  4:48 PM

Powershell V2.0 CTP

Posted by: Colin Smith

I finally got on the ball and downloaded Powershell V2.0 CTP and am starting to play with it now. You can download all that you need from You will need to unistall Powershell Version 1...

January 20, 2009  5:49 PM

Environmental Variables in Powershell

Posted by: Colin Smith
Powershell, Windows

I have a script that I run in production that requires the script to access the Environment Variables for the server the script is executing on. This is a very simple task in powershell and very very useful. In my script I am using it just to verify that the machine name that it is executing on is...

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