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November, 2008


November 14, 2008  8:25 PM

Powershell – Get a list of Exchange Users

Posted by: Colin Smith
Exchange, Microsoft Windows, Powershell

In my last post I talked about using the Exchange Management Shell to get a list of users that needed to be placed into a group. Here is what we did. First we had to determine how we could find just the users that were of interest to us. We know that we had set two Custom Attributes on each of...

November 14, 2008  7:58 PM

Powershell – Add a User to a Group

Posted by: Colin Smith
Microsoft Windows, Powershell

Today I was asked to help a fellow administrator get a list of users and add all of these users to a specific group. The users that he was interested in were all the users that he had moved to Exchange since starting his migration process. In order to get this list of users we used the Exchange...

November 11, 2008  10:58 PM

MS SQL Server Monitoring Part 4

Posted by: Colin Smith
Database, Microsoft Windows, Powershell, SQL Server

It has been a while since my last post about MS SQL Server Monitoring using Powershell. This is because I found that I was not catching all the errors that I wanted. I was missing any jobs that were...

November 6, 2008  11:17 PM

Powershell Alternate Credentials

Posted by: Colin Smith
Microsoft Windows, Powershell

I received a question from Bryan about my Post on how to use Powershell to Monitor Disk Space. He was curious how he could pass alternate credentials using Powershell in order to connect to some...

November 5, 2008  9:37 PM

Exchange Quota Management

Posted by: Colin Smith
Exchange, Powershell

One of our Mail Administrators is new to the world of Exchange as we are currently migrating from Lotus Notes. She is also new to the world of scripting but is eager to learn how to administer exchange using Powershell. I sat with her today and we walked through a simple example of how to set...


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