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server consolidation


December 3, 2013  10:46 AM

IBM roadmap coming to a fork in the road between software and hardware

Posted by: Ed Scannell
cloud computing, data center, IBM, mainframe, POWER7, RISC,, server consolidation

Over its 100-year history, IBM has reinvented itself numerous times to remain competitive in hot, emerging markets or, more rarely, just to survive and remain whole. The last reinvention 20 years ago addressed the second reason when IBM grew too fat and happy about 20 years ago, and missed a...

April 5, 2013  11:19 AM

Go thin or go home — that’s the graphene way

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center, server consolidation

Some analysts estimate that Moore's Law  -- the ability of manufacturers to double the number of transistors on a chip every 18 months -- will end in

January 25, 2011  3:59 PM

Consolidation stressing you out?

Posted by: SteveBige01
server consolidation

Server consolidation is a great idea on paper – you use virtualization software to host multiple virtual machines on the same physical host, so you improve hardware utilization and buy fewer...


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