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October 15, 2012  7:43 AM

Data center server design like it’s 1889

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center, data center design, data center efficiency, data center infrastructure, data center technology

Cut costs, improve efficiency. Such is the mantra of many a data center manager. While tech giants like Google and Facebook strive to create better, more energy efficient data centers, a small team of researchers from Cornell University and Microsoft have gone back in time 120 years and come up...

July 13, 2012  2:47 PM

How AI could change the face of data center infrastructure

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center facilities, data center infrastructure, DCIM, IT automation

Because speculation is fun, let's talk a little about artificial intelligence and its potential in data centers. Automation and DCIM tools have come a long way, but as those technologies evolve, they might benefit greatly from an infusion of cutting-edge AI engineering. The general public has...

June 1, 2011  11:44 AM

The true costs of data center downtime

Posted by: Nick Martin
data center infrastructure, dowtime

IT professionals know that unplanned data center downtime is expensive, with the true costs associated with downtime often far exceeding the price of replacing faulty equipment. The time and effort...

March 25, 2011  11:53 AM

Big Data, big data center changes?

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Big Data, data center infrastructure, Pete Warden

Big Data will transform your data center. Then again, maybe it won’t. I went to GigaOm’s Structure Big Data show in New York City this week to see what’s new in the world of data analysis, and there I found that forward-looking data...


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