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October 15, 2012  7:43 AM

Data center server design like it’s 1889

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center, data center design, data center efficiency, data center infrastructure, data center technology

Cut costs, improve efficiency. Such is the mantra of many a data center manager. While tech giants like Google and Facebook strive to create better, more energy efficient data centers, a small team of researchers from Cornell University and Microsoft have gone back in time 120 years and come up...

July 20, 2012  7:30 AM

Water-cooling woos IT shops with energy savings

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center cooling, data center design, IBM

The IT world has had a decades-long love triangle with air- and water-cooling. Air-cooling takes IT to the prom, but now water-cooling is holding up a boom box outside IT's window to win it back. IBM has made

July 5, 2012  9:56 AM

Lego data centers and Minecraft computers

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center, data center design, data center facilities

Building a new data center is a costly endeavor, as evidenced by Apple's data center bid in Reno, Nev. But here's a novel idea: If you don't have the cash, build your data center out of

July 3, 2012  10:39 AM

Amazon outage due to data center generator problems

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data center, data center design, data center infrastructure management

An outage at Amazon’s Virginia data center last Friday which affected Web services including Pinterest, Netflix and Instagram was due to a multi-generator failure, the company reported Monday. It was the

July 22, 2011  11:49 AM

Data center dilemma: To build or box?

Posted by: Nick Martin
containerized data center, data center design, Nick Martin,

Modular data centers have been around for a few years now, but they are much different than they were just a few years ago.


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