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July 20, 2012  7:30 AM

Water-cooling woos IT shops with energy savings

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center cooling, data center design, IBM

The IT world has had a decades-long love triangle with air- and water-cooling. Air-cooling takes IT to the prom, but now water-cooling is holding up a boom box outside IT's window to win it back. IBM has made

March 26, 2012  9:03 AM

Google cools data center with waste water

Posted by: Erin Watkins
data center cooling, data center facilities, free cooling

When you flush the toilet at your home, you expect a certain chain of events to occur. Your plumbing takes it to the sewer, the sewer takes it to a water treatment plant and finally a magical filtering process makes the...

June 10, 2011  9:34 AM

Raised floor resiliency

Posted by: Nick Martin
data center cooling, raised floors

Industry experts long ago predicated the demise of raised floor cooling. Today, there are viable

February 3, 2011  3:46 PM

A leg-up on raised floors?

Posted by: SteveBige01
data center cooling, data center efficiency, data center facilities, raised floors

Are raised floors going the way of the Dodo? It just might happen. Data center technologies are continuing to evolve, and the traditional benefits of raised floors are quickly being overshadowed by...


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