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August 19, 2008  3:41 PM

Green Grid publishes data center utilization tool

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Data Center Metrics, Green data center, PUE

The Green Grid has another tool for data centers to measure their companies' efficiency, saying it could be a valuable way to communicate with upper management on the state of the data center. The IT efficiency-focused group has published a new paper on...

August 18, 2008  3:59 PM

Core NAP develops homegrown data center thermal mapping tool

Posted by: Matt Stansberry
data center cooling

Jeremy Porter, Senior Internet Data Center Architect at data center and managed services provider Core NAP, has developed a very low-cost thermal monitoring system for the company’s newest data centers. Porter has bussed a system of low-voltage thermal sensors together over Cat5 cable. The...

August 15, 2008  8:08 PM

Key points to consider in the evolution of the PUE data center metric

Posted by: Matt Stansberry
Data Center Metrics, DataCenter, Green data center, PUE

Yesterday I blogged about the Uptime Institute's criticisms of PUE, specifically that the

August 14, 2008  9:28 PM

Uptime warns data center pros against being benchmarked on PUE

Posted by: Matt Stansberry
Data Center Metrics, DataCenter, Green data center

Uptime Institute executive director Ken Brill warned panelists at an online seminar today to be wary of very low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratios touted...

August 8, 2008  9:01 PM

IT job slump not affecting data center facility managers?

Posted by: Matt Stansberry
Data Center Jobs

There has been a significant slump in the IT job market recently. InfoWorld (via Slashdot) is reporting...

July 31, 2008  4:41 PM

Yahoo turns to wireless data center monitors, cold-aisle containment to lower PUE

Posted by: Matt Stansberry
data center cooling, DataCenter, Green data center

Internet search company Yahoo partnered with wireless data center monitoring startup Synapsense to tune its hot-aisle/cold-aisle configuration, implementing cold aisle containment strategies and...

July 24, 2008  3:36 PM

Video of IBM’s new green data center in Boulder, Colorado

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
DataCenter, Green data center

By way of Data Center Knowledge is this video on IBM's green expansion of its data center facility in Boulder, Colo. The video is of IBM's grand opening of the expansion last month. A...

July 23, 2008  9:39 PM

HP’s POD data center container selling point is the supply chain

Posted by: Matt Stansberry
capacity planning, Container Data Center, DataCenter

The HP Performance Optimized Data Center (POD) is essentially a me-too product, following on the heels of Sun's Project Black Box and Rackable's ICE cube. But a recent post from Gordon...

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July 23, 2008  3:19 PM

Oregon state data center consolidation blasted by auditors

Posted by: Matt Stansberry
capacity planning, data center consolidation, DataCenter

Oregon is facing a data center crisis. A recent audit found that the state botched a $63.6 million state data center consolidation. While the auditors turned up several flaws -- the biggest one seems to be that the new facility is already running out of room! According to a recent

July 18, 2008  8:05 PM

Get the lowdown on UPS batteries

Posted by: Mark Fontecchio
Batteries, DataCenter, Eaton, Uninterruptible Power Supply

Eaton, one of the big data center UPS manufacturers, is offering a

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