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September 12, 2011  7:47 AM

Whitepaper or Whitewash?

Posted by: Carrie Higbie
Data Center Manager, Data Center Operations, data centers, Inaccurate Information, Whitepapers

I have read at least 3 whitepapers from what I thought to be reputable companies that contain incorrect information.  That leaves the question- what exactly is a whitepaper?  The internet is full of some useful information and also some total crap information.  I have written literally hundreds...

May 27, 2011  5:46 PM

Save $275,000 (it will only cost you >$2,000,000 to do it!)

Posted by: Carrie Higbie
Data Center Ecosystem, Data Center Manager, Standards, Top of Rack

Vendor loyalty is great if the vendor is really providing you with a benefit.  Vendor loyalty that is blind and misplaced is costly and stupid.  Yes I typed it- STUPID!  When a vendor is a business partner and takes care of your needs by saving you REAL money, (not imaginary money) and they...


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