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February 26, 2009  6:15 AM

The Illusion of Perfect Software

Posted by: SJC
Software Quality, Software testing

Perfect software doesn't exist - that should be "...elementary my Dear Watson."  Ok, so starting with that assumption where does one go with their quest for the "perfect" software, or perhaps the "perfect" tester, or the "perfect" whatever for that matter!  A couple of weeks ago I bookmarked a...

January 28, 2009  1:44 AM

Software Specifications

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Software Quality

It's been a while since I've had to work with a detailed application specification, for which I am greatly thankful!  Generally speaking, my "attitude" towards such specifications has not been one of grateful acceptance as I've seen too often how they become so rigid as to "get in the way" of...

December 26, 2008  9:17 PM

User Flexibility vs Simplicity

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Human Interface Design, IT administration, Software Quality, User Interface

Once again I have found myself really struggling with what seems to be conflicting requirements for an application currently being developed.  I have blogged on more than one occasion here that to create an application which "hides" the complexity of its workings from its users is no trivial task,...

December 22, 2008  2:11 AM

Shortcuts, Nightmares and Reboots

Posted by: SJC
Software Quality, Software testing, update problems, version conflicts

I've just recently read a couple of posts in a newsgroup which reminded me of a few nightmares I've created for myself as a result of taking a shortcut (or two).  One of the situations was regarding changes made to a working server (...and of course one doesn't want to reboot said server after...

October 16, 2008  12:18 AM

Coming Back to a Project

Posted by: SJC
Business Application Value, Software application development, Software maintenance, Software Quality

Regardless of the reason for a development project being delayed, coming back to a project which has been "on the back burner" for a while seems always to raise questions about the project.  For me the questions may start out with "Where was I on this before I had to leave it?", to "Why on earth...

October 15, 2008  2:33 PM

Managing Application Expectations

Posted by: SJC
Business Application Value, IT Management, Software Quality

I remember the statement made by the president of a software company vendor of mine in a meeting some years ago as if it were yesterday.  The comment, made to a salesperson of his also in the meeting, was this -- "See, it's all about managing expectations.  We have to do a better job of managing...

October 9, 2008  3:59 PM

Business Changes, Personnel Changes and the Custom Application

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Business process automation, Small Business Computing, Software Quality

There's nothing that I can think of to "shake up" business processes and the custom applications used to support those processes more than a personnel change.  This is most clearly apparent in the small company applications used by a handful of key users in the company.  If for whatever reason...

October 7, 2008  6:00 AM

Software Development Project Closure Thoughts

Posted by: SJC
CIO, IT Management, Software Quality, Software testing, User Experience

Back in mid June I was interviewed by a freelance writer working on an article about software development project closure.  It was an interesting topic to me, and one which I have honestly never really stopped to think about.  While I've blogged often about my thoughts regarding user input,...

October 6, 2008  11:46 AM

Software Application Speed and ADD Users

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Application Performance, Business process automation, Human Interface Design, Software application development, Software Quality, Software testing, User Interface

ADD -- aka Attention Deficit Disorder -- is, some say, an altogether too common ailment in today's society, at least in the U.S. While I certainly don't intend to debate that issue, a recent experience got me to thinking about how children with ADD do and will grow up to be computer application...

September 30, 2008  1:57 PM

The Economy and Custom Programs

Posted by: SJC
Independent software developer, Small Business Computing, Software Quality

Well, the DOW reached a record loss for one day of trade -- we're in a credit crunch ( say the "experts") -- home values continue to drop in most areas -- and in short, the economy is a mess! One of my favorite on-line writers (Bob Lewis) has posted a couple of great reads once again in his...

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