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June 30, 2008  2:19 AM

Work-Life Balance – No Measure of Cost

Posted by: SJC
Development, IT administration, IT careers, IT Management, work-life balance

An article which recently caught my eye entitled "5 signs your people don't have work-life balance" triggered my interest once again in blogging about this topic.  (

June 29, 2008  2:21 AM

Useful Tools of the Trade

Posted by: SJC
Analysis Tools, Application Performance, Development, IT Management, Performance, Software testing, TCP/IP

A few days ago I blogged about how I was playing detective with a clients computer system, struggling with performance issues.  It has been an interesting few days since that blog, and I have discovered much, and learned along the way. One thing that I learned about is a nifty utility offered...

June 25, 2008  3:53 PM

Application Performance and Other Investigative Opportunities

Posted by: SJC
IT administration, IT Management, Networking, Security, Software Quality, Software testing

Sometimes I feel more like I'm a detective than programmer/analyst.  Fact is, I believe, that there has to be at least a little bit of detective in every IT person who has the opportunity to evaluate software applications and their sometimes strange behaviors. As an example of what I mean, I...

June 20, 2008  2:51 AM

The Technology Career – Demands and Observations

Posted by: SJC
IT administration, IT careers, IT Management, work-life balance

I read with dismay and a good deal of reflection a recent article entitled "Why women quit Technology Careers" and comments posted to the...

May 30, 2008  2:42 AM

Developer Responsibility, Ethics and Attitude

Posted by: SJC
Business Application Value, IT administration, IT Management

I have heard too many stories in my years as a developer, of clients being taken advantage of by either inept developers or downright unethical schemes used to enrich the pockets of the developer.  I remember being shocked when a developer I met with talked about his clients only in the sense of...

May 29, 2008  2:04 AM

The Half-Life of New Technology

Posted by: SJC
Business Application Value, Business process automation, Database application, IT Management, Software application development, Software Quality

The concept of half-life has always intrigued me, particularly so when I was introduced to the idea of the half-life of material possessions.  Wikipedia states "The half-life of a quantity whose value decreases with time is the interval required for the quantity to decay to half of its original...

May 12, 2008  8:42 PM

Thoughts on the Career Software Developer and IT

Posted by: SJC
IT administration, IT Management, Software application development, Software Quality

Ron Richards in his post "The career software developer..." alludes to the observation that " is not surprising to discover that there are more people scoping, managing, testing and supporting the work of software developers than there are software developers."  I would have to say that I...

May 7, 2008  12:03 PM

Technology Sales Styles

Posted by: SJC
Business Application Value, IT Management, Small Business Computing, Software application development

A recent article that I saw in a Computerworld email caught my eye and my interest.  The article "The six most infuriating tech sales styles" had me salivating at the...

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