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December 30, 2008  10:39 PM

Observations from my 2009 Crystal Ball

Posted by: SJC
IT Business, IT Management, IT Skills

I figure I might as well join the ranks of the forecasters for the upcoming year -- heck, what good is a New Year if not to look ahead at what might be?  My 2009 crystal ball is multi-colored and multi-dimensional, pointing to the need for IT talent with a wide range of skills.  Given the...

December 15, 2008  11:44 AM

End of Year Squeeze

Posted by: SJC
IT Business, IT careers, work-life balance

I've never really established what phenomenon is at work come December but it seems that throughout my time as a software developer and IT manager, December has always been a particularly busy month.  This December has been no exception, although not all of the "busy-ness" has been due to...

November 26, 2008  10:04 PM

Another IT Moment for the Developer

Posted by: SJC
Hardware failure, Independent software developer, IT administration, IT Business, network failure

Some years ago I worked very hard to extricate myself from the "hardware" issues which I found myself having to deal with instead of developing -- which (at least most of the time) I love doing!  Dealing with "hardware" however I do NOT love doing.  Then comes the panic call -- customer down,...

November 20, 2008  2:44 PM

Cynical Thoughts of an Independent Software Developer

Posted by: SJC
CIO, humor, Independent software developer, IT Business

My hope is that all my readers will forgive me for my recent lack of blog writing, as I have been very busy on behalf of all independent developers while flying my personal jet (...shown here) to congress to lobby for a bailout bill for...

October 22, 2008  7:58 PM

IT and the Business Student

Posted by: SJC
IT Business, IT careers, IT Education, IT Management

I had an experience this week!  It was one of those unplanned "moments" where it seems that the universe aligns and presents an opportunity for the taking.  This is the story of an experience involving a grand-daughter (student) and a "grampy" (IT blogger).  You might guess the personalities...


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