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Green IT


January 22, 2009  5:00 PM

Application Design for Green Reporting

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Database reporting, Green IT, Report Design

Perhaps the phrase "Green IT" and various variations of same is over-used, however I suspect that its prevalence does cause us to think "green", even if we're sick of doing so.  When I chose "Application Design for Green Reporting" perhaps you wondered why I might have chosen such a title.  Good...

December 31, 2008  2:36 AM

The “Paperless” Office — Myth or Real Possibility?

Posted by: SJC
Green IT, IT Management, paperless office

Let's face it -- paper is not going away!  The "Paperless" office is a myth!  However, what is a real possibility is the office with "less paper" -- and there are many indications that it is happening.  I just can't imagine a time when managers that I've worked with will not want their "hard...

December 29, 2008  11:20 AM

Power and Dollar Savings for IT

Posted by: SJC
Green IT, IT administration, IT Management

Green IT -- the very name for me conjurs up images of a lush field in Vermont on a sunny day -- the air is clear and clean -- just a beautiful sight!  Then from there my images go to the "long green" currencies which I've had in my hand, and surely the saving of the "long green" speaks loud and...

July 10, 2008  9:00 AM

Is this Green IT?

Posted by: SJC
Green IT, IT Management

I must be getting cynical in my old age -- or maybe just cynical when it comes to marketing!  Either way, I just have to say something about the advertisement I recently saw saying to "Make Your Company Greener" by hosting your server with them.  Actually the idea is very catchy (Hey -- it caught...

June 30, 2008  6:47 PM

On the way to Green IT

Posted by: SJC
Green IT, IT Management, Virtualization

Green IT -- you've read and heard a lot about it recently.  Green (whatever) is the color of the day, week - indeed future. However, I can't help but think about all the trees we were going to save by having our computers do all the work for us, and then present results without paper! ...


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