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July 7, 2008  7:16 PM

Beta Testing – Not for Everybody

Posted by: SJC
Beta Testing, Business Application Value, IT Management, Software Quality, Software testing

It's like the stock market - it can be risky - it can be frustrating and downright annoying - and it can be rewarding.  I've always liked participating in beta testing of products which I find of value, or as has happend to me before, in a product that I had to use - but (let's just say to be...

June 13, 2008  12:26 AM

Beta Testing – A True Story

Posted by: SJC
Beta Testing, Business Application Value, Business process automation, Software Quality

On a visit to my chiropractor today I heard a story that I found simply amazing to believe, yet I have to believe it as I was witness to some of the "events" a few years ago - and I remember them well! It seems that some 6-8 years back my chiropractor (always on the lookout for a "good" deal)...


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