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June 30, 2009  2:03 PM

Application Launching — Softly Please

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Application Launch, Software Implementation, User Experience

There have been a number of posts made commenting about a recent post on 37 Signals blog about "Why it's wise to launch softly".  I always love to see my thoughts in print by others, or to see...

June 27, 2009  1:36 PM

Application Over Design — Is there such a thing?

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Software Analysis, User Interface

Yes there is ladies and gentlemen!  End of story, NOT end of post! While doing some "cleaning up" around the office recently I ran into a design spec that I had the misfortune to encounter some 20 years ago.  It was submitted as a "Preliminary Draft", weighed in at about the birth of a child...

June 24, 2009  10:53 AM

Application Design for Tight Operator Control

Posted by: SJC
Application design, custom software design, User Interface

In these days of exceptionally "busy" screens within which operators can usually choose many options (...and sometimes ones which they shouldn't), I have been placed in a position where I am being asked to create an application with minimal functionality entry screens!  This design approach...

May 11, 2009  5:55 AM

Cost Estimating Ideas for the Legacy Application Rewrite

Posted by: SJC
Application design, cost estimating, estimating application cost, Independent software developer, Updating Legacy Systems

I promised in my last post "Cost Estimating Rewrite of Legacy Applications" that I would be producing a list of considerations for preparing estimates for legacy application rewrites -...

April 21, 2009  10:25 PM

Legacy Application to Windows – Challenge of design

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Human Interface Design, Legacy Applications, software development, Software Development Methodologies, Updating Legacy Systems, User Experience

I've discovered the greatest challenge of my application programming and design career,  (Hopefully I haven't met my match!).  My latest project involves a rather large legacy character-based system which has evolved over the past 20 years or so.  The source code directory lists some 800+ pieces...

April 12, 2009  11:06 AM

Can applications be too Automated?

Posted by: SJC
Application design, User Interface, user productivity

As a custom application developer working mostly with small businesses, users often look at "Why can't the program do this?", or "How about having the program add this, subtract this - when it's this, then add a percentage..." yada, yada, yada.  Perhaps you recognize the pattern.  There can be...

March 6, 2009  4:16 PM

Applications – Why User Documentation?

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Application training, Application Value, custom application development, User Interface

I've stated before that my goal with applications I create is to provide an application so intuitive that if one knows the job for which the application was designed that the interface be so intuitive that no training would be required.  This is a lofty goal for sure -- and not one easily...

March 2, 2009  2:48 PM

Data Rot

Posted by: SJC
Application design, custom application development, Data Formats, Data Integrity, Data Rot

Here in the Northeastern U.S. it is snowing outside and I found myself starting my day browsing through the myriad of industry emails I watch regularly.  Now, I've blogged previously regarding my thoughts on the "paperless office" (

February 26, 2009  6:00 PM

Simplicity is Power

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Human Interface Design

Seems like I've expounded on this topic ever since my first encounter with software and software development.  Keep it Simple (Stupid) - aka the KISS approach is, I believe, always appropriate when looking at development of a business application.  It has always been my goal that users of...

February 24, 2009  12:51 PM

Changes, Users and Resistance

Posted by: SJC
Application design, application modernizing, custom application development, Dataflex, User Interface, user productivity, VDF

Let's face it, software development and design is complex - even when it's simple :-) There are some areas where it seems that no matter what is done there will be unhappy users - at least for a while.  I found myself in that category last week when it was announced by Data Access Corp that...

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