Custom Application Development:

April, 2009


April 28, 2009  2:02 PM

Data Deduplication in the Database

Posted by: SJC
Database Design, database normalization, deduplication, Development

Data deduplication essentially refers to the elimination of redundant data.  (from Wikipedia)  As the term seems to be commonly used, deduplication really is referring to duplication of data on servers and perhaps shares throughout the domain.  I suspect that nobody who has been...

April 21, 2009  10:25 PM

Legacy Application to Windows – Challenge of design

Posted by: SJC
Application design, Human Interface Design, Legacy Applications, software development, Software Development Methodologies, Updating Legacy Systems, User Experience

I've discovered the greatest challenge of my application programming and design career,  (Hopefully I haven't met my match!).  My latest project involves a rather large legacy character-based system which has evolved over the past 20 years or so.  The source code directory lists some 800+ pieces...

April 12, 2009  11:06 AM

Can applications be too Automated?

Posted by: SJC
Application design, User Interface, user productivity

As a custom application developer working mostly with small businesses, users often look at "Why can't the program do this?", or "How about having the program add this, subtract this - when it's this, then add a percentage..." yada, yada, yada.  Perhaps you recognize the pattern.  There can be...

April 4, 2009  10:30 PM

Legacy Applications – What Keeps Them Running?

Posted by: SJC
character based applications, custom application development, Legacy Applications, UI, User Interface

It can be a huge leap from the highly customized legacy application (which for many have been in use double digit years), to the newer graphical point and click or web based AJAX type application.  So my question today is "What keeps them running?",  or perhaps a better question is what is it...


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