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March 10, 2008  2:47 AM

Unison Offers Unified Communications for Linux

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Linux, Microsoft Windows, SIP, UCC, Unified Communications, Unison, VoIP, Windows Vista

Unison has developed a free unified communications suite built on Linux. The suite, which includes VoIP telephone capabilities, email, and instant messaging, is affectionately named "Unison". The Beta version is available for free now. There is a Windows client application. While the server portion...

January 31, 2008  8:45 PM

Disabling IPv6 in Windows Vista

Posted by: Tony Bradley
IP, IPv6, Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista

IPv6 is the latest, greatest, cutting edge version of the IP protocol. It is designed to be more secure, more efficient, more stable, and provide a larger (exponentially larger) pool of addresses to work with than its IPv4 predecessor. So, why would you want to disable it? In

January 27, 2008  4:33 AM

Network Mapping With Windows Vista

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Group Policy, LLTD protocol, Microsoft Windows, Network mapping, Networking, Windows Computing, Windows Vista

It can be very useful to have a network map. A graphic depiction of the layout, devices, and interconnections of the network can help with planning and troubleshooting, as well as asset or inventory control. Microsoft included an automatic network mapping feature in Windows Vista that uses the Link...


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