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May 28, 2009  3:40 AM

Gone Vishing

Posted by: Tony Bradley
automobile warranty, credit card, interest rate, Phishing, scam, vishing, voice

No. Its notĀ a typo. Vishing is a new twist on phishing scams using voice, typically VoIP. There have been two prevalent vishing scams recently: one selling extended automobile warranties and one offering to reduce your interest rate on your credit cards. You may haveĀ received such calls on your...

December 9, 2008  1:46 PM

FBI Warns of Asterisk-based Vishing Attacks

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Asterisk, Digium, FBI, Phishing, vishing, VoIP security

The FBI has issued a warning that a vulnerability in the open-source Asterisk platform, used by many as a free IP PBX, can lead to the system being...

February 24, 2008  2:08 PM

What Is ‘Vishing’?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Data breach, Unified Communications, vishing, VoIP

My Yiddish is rusty (OK, it is virtually non-existent), but it sounds a little like my ex-wife's grandfather inviting me on a fishing trip. But alas, it is even more insidious than that. You are most likely familiar with the concept of 'phishing' which involves using some type of bait (generally an...

December 28, 2007  8:27 PM

VoIP Vulnerabilities

Posted by: Tony Bradley
skype worm, toll fraud, Unified Communications, vishing, VoIP

I know I am a broken record, or kicking a dead horse, or some other analogy about stating the same obvious thing over and over, but as the world adopts VoIP for voice communications they need to be aware of the security risks and take the appropriate steps to protect their communications and their...


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