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February 28, 2010  9:01 AM

Why UC ROI Might Be OR (Overrated)

Posted by: Tony Bradley
communications, investment, ROI, UC, Unified Communications, value

Everything about technology projects seems to revolve around ROI--return on investment. The C-level executives want to know how long it will take to recoup the initial investment before giving a project the stamp of approval. Blair Pleasant questioned the logic and practicality of that approach...

December 21, 2008  5:57 PM

Clarifying the UC Vision

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Evangelyze Communications, Joe Schurman, UC, Unified Communications, value, VoIP

Unified Communications is still in its infancy more or less. Vendors are still fighting to define what UC even is, and to declare their stake in the industry. Some vendors are traditional voice or network infrastructure hardware vendors that are trying to extend into software and application...

August 23, 2008  1:06 PM

The Value of VoIP

Posted by: Tony Bradley
handsets, licensing, ROI, UC, Unified Communications, value, VoIP

For new companies or old companies building new facilities, the value of VoIP is easier to define and the return on investment can be realized much quicker. Deploying only one infrastructure- the network infrastructure- for voice and data, rather than an IP network for data and separate wiring and...

July 28, 2008  4:26 PM

Quantifying the Value of UC

Posted by: Tony Bradley
productivity, ROI, UC, Unified Communications, value

The features and benefits of unified communications sound great, but for most businesses you have to be able to demonstrate and quantify the actual return on investment. The fact that it is "very cool" does little for the bottom line. But, what if you could tell the CFO, or the Board of Directors...


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