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September 4, 2009  1:56 AM

Implementing Security When Its Too Late Is a Double-Negative

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Adam Boone, Security, Sipera, toll fraud, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Implementing security controls after an attack or compromise of data is like shutting the barn door after the horse has already escaped...but worse. Getting serious about VoIP and unified communications security after the whole solution is architected and implemented is costly enough. It is...

September 1, 2009  3:43 PM

Unified Communications as a Service

Posted by: Tony Bradley
cloud computing, the cloud, UC, UCaaS, Unified Communications, Unified Communications as a Service

Are there any technologies left that don't have 'as-a-service' tacked on to the end of the name? I guess it's just the direction things are heading as more organizations embrace 'cloud computing' and vendors and service providers find more and more things to offer from 'the cloud'. One of the...

September 1, 2009  2:49 PM

Using Presence Effectively

Posted by: Tony Bradley
availability, OCS 2007 R2, Office Communications Server, presence, status, UC, Unified Communications

Presence is arguably the glue that makes unified communications work. It is Presence, the ability to determine the current status and availability of contacts, that enables users to communicate more efficiently. Presence can let you see who is available, what they are currently engaged in, and...

August 31, 2009  2:29 AM

End of the Desk Phone Era

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Darwin, desk phone, human appendix, softphone, UC, Unified Communications, vestigial organ

One of the ubiquitous elements of a corporate desk in virtually any cubicle or office is the desk phone. When new employees join the team, assigning a phone number and supplying them with a phone are typically some of the first steps for getting them set up and ready to work. A

August 30, 2009  2:47 AM

Adapability and Agility are Keys to UC Success

Posted by: Tony Bradley
consulting, IP PBX, PBX, sales, Telecommunications, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Unified communications is a rapidly changing market without a clearly defined product offering. Selling unified communications successfully requires being able to quickly understand and integrate new technologies, and the flexibility to evolve quickly as the landscape changes. Companies that...

August 29, 2009  2:43 AM

Leave Security to the Pros

Posted by: Tony Bradley
breach, Security, security professional, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

In a past life I worked as a consultant for a very large global computer services firm. I was a lead security engineer and one of the first responders for incidents and virus outbreaks for a large, Fortune 100 customer. The powers that be spent a significant amount of time and effort sucking up...

August 29, 2009  2:15 AM

Enabling Brings OCS to the College Classroom

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Blackboard, Blackboard Academic Suite, Enabling Technologies, OCS, Office Communications Server, Office Communicator, presence, UC, Unified Communications

Colleges and universities across the country use the Blackboard Academic Suite to allow students and faculty to engage and collaborate virtually. Enabling Technologies is helping to expand the functionality of Blackboard and provide more effective...

August 27, 2009  8:49 PM

2.6 Million Lost Jobs Result of Communications Fraud

Posted by: Tony Bradley
communications fraud, jobs, Security, toll fraud, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Did I get your attention? I thought I might. Now, let's step back and look at the perhaps questionable or dubious math I used to arrive at this sensational conclusion. A recent worldwide

August 27, 2009  1:29 PM

SIP Trunks Gain Appeal in a Down Economy

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Adam Boone, JaJah, Microsoft, OCS, OCS 2007 R2, SIP trunking, Sipera Systems, UC, Unified Communications

SIP trunking has been a very hot technology in 2009- thanks in no small part to Office Communications Server 2007 R2. In fact, Microsoft shook the SIP trunking world up again recently with

August 26, 2009  7:31 PM

Plan Ahead for Successful Unified Communications

Posted by: Tony Bradley
foundation, plan implementation, project, robin gariess, searchvoip, UC, unified communicatons, VoIP

I know, I know. You're saying 'well, duh'. Of course you should plan ahead. Have you ever seen anyone start laying a foundation and building the frame of a house without a plan? I don't think so. Let's face it- if you just start nailing 2x4's together you have no way of knowing what the end result...

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