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January 28, 2008  4:30 PM

Configuring VLAN’s

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Subnets, Switches, VLAN, WAN

One of the ways to organize your network so that it is easier to manage and protect is to segment it into smaller, interconnected subnets. Using a virtual LAN, or VLAN, you can easily and conveniently set up separate subnets, and connect ports from various switches, or even separate buildings, so...

September 3, 2007  8:55 AM

IP Addressing Crash Course

Posted by: Tony Bradley
CIDR, IP, IP communications, IPv4, IPv6, Subnet mask, Subnets

Do you understand the difference between classless and classful IP addressing? Can you explain what is different in IPv6 from IPv4 and why businesses or individuals should care? How about calculating a subnet mask- or determining the total possible IP addresses based on the subnet mask? I had a...


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