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November 1, 2009  3:03 AM

Sipera Has SLiC Solution to Protect Smart Phone VoIP

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Secure Live Communications, Sipera, SLiC, smart phone, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

One goal that many companies and unified communications vendors are striving for is the seamless integration of mobile phones with the unified communications environment.   Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

September 4, 2009  1:56 AM

Implementing Security When Its Too Late Is a Double-Negative

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Adam Boone, Security, Sipera, toll fraud, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Implementing security controls after an attack or compromise of data is like shutting the barn door after the horse has already escaped...but worse. Getting serious about VoIP and unified communications security after the whole solution is architected and implemented is costly enough. It is...

July 13, 2009  12:35 AM

University Campuses Deploy Secure Unified Communications

Posted by: Tony Bradley
campus, Security, Sipera, UC, UC-Sec appliance, Unified Communications, university

In many respects comanies have it easy. Not that organizations don't struggle as well to keep systems as homogenous as possible, but some for some entities- such as college and university campuses- it is virtually impossible. Universities want to be connected and provide cutting edge services for...

June 29, 2009  3:21 PM

Sipera Seeks to Bring PCI Compliance to UC

Posted by: Tony Bradley
pci compliance, PCI DSS, Sipera, trustnet, Unified Communications, VoIP

Sipera Systems, a leading Unified Communications (UC) security provider, has formed a partnership with TrustNet to boost the secure...

March 30, 2009  12:55 AM

BCI Chooses Sipera for UC Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
BCI, real-time, SIP trunking, Sipera, unified communications security, VIPER Lab, VoiceCon, VoIP security

Chile-based Banco de Credito e Inversiones (BCI) has chosen Sipera to secure their unified communications infrastructure. Using Sipera's IPCS unified...

November 16, 2008  1:54 PM

UCSniff Brings Vulnerability Scanning to VoIP

Posted by: Tony Bradley
penetration testing, Sipera, UCSniff, VoIP, VoIP security, vulnerability scanning

Sipera Viper Labs has developedĀ a new VoIP security tool called UCSniff. UCSniff monitors VoIP communications and identifies weaknesses or holes in VoIP security which could potentially be exploited by an attacker. As this

June 30, 2008  3:54 PM

Is Your UC Secure?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Security, Sipera, UC, Unified Communications, VIPER Lab, VoIP, Webcam

In order to provide comprehensive security, all traffic going into and out of the network should be monitored. Security applications and appliances have to scan and monitor for malware, data leakage, and other threats. With Unified Communications, the threat landscape is a little bigger and a...

June 30, 2008  2:00 PM

Sipera Enhances UC Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
IPCS appliance, Security, SIP, SIP trunking, Sipera, UC, Unified Communications, VIPER Labs, VoIP

In the Press Release from Sipera, it explains that "For enterprises utilizing SIP trunks to connect to their service providers, Sipera not only offers...


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