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July 23, 2008  1:10 PM

UC a Ticking Time Bomb?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Security, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP, vulnerability

Security is generally an afterthought in I.T.. It gets a fair amount of press, especially when there are legal and industry compliance requirements. But, when a new technology gets hot it seems like everyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts implementing it and nobody stops to consider the...

June 30, 2008  3:54 PM

Is Your UC Secure?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Security, Sipera, UC, Unified Communications, VIPER Lab, VoIP, Webcam

In order to provide comprehensive security, all traffic going into and out of the network should be monitored. Security applications and appliances have to scan and monitor for malware, data leakage, and other threats. With Unified Communications, the threat landscape is a little bigger and a...

June 30, 2008  2:57 PM

Securing Unified Communications

Posted by: Tony Bradley
exploit, hacking, IM, malware, Security, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Corporate networks and computer systems are faced with a variety of threats. Unauthorized access, malware compromise, data leakage, and other threats are fairly common and administrators are used to protecting against them. However, the phone system traditionally has been a separate issue, exposed...

June 30, 2008  2:00 PM

Sipera Enhances UC Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
IPCS appliance, Security, SIP, SIP trunking, Sipera, UC, Unified Communications, VIPER Labs, VoIP

In the Press Release from Sipera, it explains that "For enterprises utilizing SIP trunks to connect to their service providers, Sipera not only offers...

June 3, 2008  3:13 PM

Nortel Partners With SecureLogix for Voice Security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ETM System, Nortel, SecureLogix, Security, UC, Unified Communications, VAR, VoIP

Nortel has formed an alliance with SecureLogix to enable Nortel VAR's to market and sell the SecureLogix ETM System and other security services in conjunction with Nortel's new Voice Security Services offering. Adding to the arsenal already...

May 8, 2008  12:36 PM

Nortel Delivers UC For Government

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Application Server 5300, Department of Defense, DOD, government, IPv6, Nortel, Security, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Companies generally have confidential information- financial projections, intellectual property, trademarked secret formulas, etc. But, the magnitude of secrecy and the need for confidentiality pale in comparison with a government, especially the United States government. Nortel has developed a

May 8, 2008  3:27 AM

Policing Instant Messaging

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Avaya One-X Communicator, IM, instant messaging, Microsoft Communicator, policy, risk, Security

One of the key building blocks of unified communications is instant messaging. Instant messaging (IM) client software acts as the focal point and primary interface for a variety of unified communications solutions including Microsoft Communicator, and Avaya One-X Communicator. IM has come a long...

February 24, 2008  4:45 AM

Is Endpoint Security Replacing Network Security?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Encryption, Firewalls, NAC, Portable storage, Windows Security

There have been rumors for some time that the network perimeter is dead. More users are relying on laptop computers connected over wireless networks, or via VPN from a hotel or coffee shop. Users have mobile phones that connect to network resources, and various methods of portable data storage- USB...

January 31, 2008  9:05 PM

Multi-Vendor Firewalls: Managing Them For Fun and Profit

Posted by: Tony Bradley
firewall rules, Firewalls

OK, there probably isn't any profit, and the idea of "fun" may be a bit of a stretch as well. Organizations that have multiple firewalls, from multiple vendors need an efficient way to monitor, manage, and optimize them. Network administrators just keep adding rules on the fly, rarely documenting...

December 19, 2007  10:04 PM

The Insider Threat

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Hackers, Internet, Intrusion prevention, Networking, Security, Windows Security

I know that it is sort of a "sky is falling", FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) sort of statement, but the threat from inside your network is significant. While you focus on keeping unauthorized users out, locking down your network perimeter, detecting and blocking incoming malware, etc., your...

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