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September 5, 2009  3:03 AM

FaceTime Strengthens UC / Web 2.0 Security with Sunbelt Partnership

Posted by: Tony Bradley
facetime, malware, Sunbelt, UC, Unified Communications, Unified Security Gateway, VoIP, Web 2.0

FaceTime is building more comprehensive security into its Unified Security Gateway thanks to a partnership with Sunbelt Software. According to the press...

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September 4, 2009  1:56 AM

Implementing Security When Its Too Late Is a Double-Negative

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Adam Boone, Security, Sipera, toll fraud, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Implementing security controls after an attack or compromise of data is like shutting the barn door after the horse has already escaped...but worse. Getting serious about VoIP and unified communications security after the whole solution is architected and implemented is costly enough. It is...

August 29, 2009  2:43 AM

Leave Security to the Pros

Posted by: Tony Bradley
breach, Security, security professional, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

In a past life I worked as a consultant for a very large global computer services firm. I was a lead security engineer and one of the first responders for incidents and virus outbreaks for a large, Fortune 100 customer. The powers that be spent a significant amount of time and effort sucking up...

August 27, 2009  8:49 PM

2.6 Million Lost Jobs Result of Communications Fraud

Posted by: Tony Bradley
communications fraud, jobs, Security, toll fraud, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Did I get your attention? I thought I might. Now, let's step back and look at the perhaps questionable or dubious math I used to arrive at this sensational conclusion. A recent worldwide

July 31, 2009  8:21 PM

The Rising Risk of Toll Fraud

Posted by: Tony Bradley
risks, Security, SIP, toll fraud, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Toll fraud is not new. Toll fraud has existed in some form, more or less, since telecom providers have charged customers for placing calls. But, just as technology and the computer / Internet revolution have streamlined productivity and helped people to work more efficiently, it provides the same...

July 27, 2009  3:01 AM

Locking Down Your VoIP Network

Posted by: Tony Bradley
assessment, audit, data, network, s3kur3, Security, tonybradley.com, voice, VoIP

It is difficult to completely isolate a voice network or VoIP server. By design they are intended to initiate and receive communications from the outside world. Attackers know this as well which is why VoIP servers represent an attractive target. There is a variety of information that can be...

July 27, 2009  2:41 AM

The Double-Edged Sword of Unified Communications

Posted by: Tony Bradley
data, network, s3kur3, Security, tonybradley.com, Unified Communications, voice

Unified communications is more than just a collection of whiz-bang tools or a hot new technology. Done right, unified communications can help an organization save significant amounts of money while simultaneously streamlining business processes and enabling innovative new communications tools...

July 13, 2009  12:35 AM

University Campuses Deploy Secure Unified Communications

Posted by: Tony Bradley
campus, Security, Sipera, UC, UC-Sec appliance, Unified Communications, university

In many respects comanies have it easy. Not that organizations don't struggle as well to keep systems as homogenous as possible, but some for some entities- such as college and university campuses- it is virtually impossible. Universities want to be connected and provide cutting edge services for...

June 29, 2009  3:21 PM

Sipera Seeks to Bring PCI Compliance to UC

Posted by: Tony Bradley
pci compliance, PCI DSS, Sipera, trustnet, Unified Communications, VoIP

Sipera Systems, a leading Unified Communications (UC) security provider, has formed a partnership with TrustNet to boost the secure...

June 26, 2009  3:50 AM

Reality Check: Enterprise IM security and social networking security

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Enterprise Security, instant messaging, Reality Check, Social networking

I sat down again with Elaine Hom, Associate Editor of SearchUnifiedCommunications, to do the Reality Check podcast. This month we focused on the impact of instant messaging and social...

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