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July 31, 2009  3:34 AM

Windows Mobile 6.5 a Tad Underwhelming To Some

Posted by: Tony Bradley
iPhone, OCS 2007 R2, Office Communicator Mobile, presence, single number reach, UC, Unified Communications, Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.5

I have used some form of Windows Mobile phone for almost 4 years. During that time, I did flirt briefly with the iPhone- trading my AT&T Tilt with my wife for her iPhone for a few months. The iPhone had a coolness factor and some 'gee-whiz' bells and whistles, but I really missed having my...

July 13, 2009  1:10 AM

Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Response Point

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Evangelyze Communications, Joe Schurman, Microsoft, Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications, OCS 2007, Response Point, SMB, UC, Unified Communications

A couple of years ago Microsoft created an innovative team with the goal of thinking outside of the normal corporate bureaucracy of Microsoft and coming up with a communications system for SMB's (small and medium businesses). The result was the Response Point system. Response Point was a...

July 13, 2009  12:11 AM

Helping Customers Define Business Value

Posted by: Tony Bradley
business value tool, Evangelyze Communications, Joe Schurman, Microsoft, Microsoft Voice and Unified Communications, UC, Unified Communications

Microsoft has developed a tool, actually a collection of files including a customer questionnaire, the Excel-based Business Value Tool itself, and other supporting documentation, to help UC and voice partners explore and accelerate customer opportunities. It can be used to identify business...

June 29, 2009  3:40 PM

Shifting the Communications Culture

Posted by: Tony Bradley
culture, end user, paradigm shift, training, UC, Unified Communications

Unified communications is full of promise. However, without a shift in the underlying culture of communications and how communications integrate with and enhance business processes, unified communications is little more than bells and whistles on a marketing brochure. Organizations need to do...

May 31, 2009  8:43 PM

Google Ripples Market With Announcement of Wave

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Google, Microsoft, office, Office Communications Server, UC, Unified Communications, wave

At the Google I/O conference Google unveiled a revolutionary new collection of communication and collaboration tools dubbed "Wave". Wave seems to be a very ambitious project from Google which potentially impacts both the unified communications and collaboration...

May 31, 2009  4:38 PM

Microsoft and HP Form Unified Communications Alliance

Posted by: Tony Bradley
alliance, HP, Microsoft, OCS 2007, Office Communications Server, partnership, UC, Unified Communications

Microsoft has established itself as a leader in the unified communications market, but their focus on the software side of things means that they don't have an end-to-end solution. The up side for customers is that Microsoft does not lock you into using specific or proprietary hardware. That is...

May 20, 2009  2:57 PM

Using Virtual Meetings to Fight Recessions and Pandemics

Posted by: Tony Bradley
H1N1, Joe Schurman, Live Meeting, Microsoft, recession, swine flu, virtual meetings

Companies love to have meetings. In my experience, the bigger the company, the more they like to meet. While working for a Fortune 100 IT services company I once had more than 20 hours of my work week filled with recurring meetings. In other words, more than half of my available time each week was...

May 20, 2009  1:51 PM

Evangelyze Communications Revolutionizes UC with SmartSIP

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Evangelyze Communications, Microsoft, OCS 2007 R2, Office Communications Server, SmartSIP, UC, Unified Communications

SmartSIP is officially here! In the official press release Simon Booth, Director of Research &...

May 14, 2009  7:49 PM

Fixing Response Group Tabs in Communicator

Posted by: Tony Bradley
custom tabs, OCS 2007 R2, Office Communications Server, Response Group Service. Office Communicator

One of the innovative features of Office Communications Server 2007 R2 (OCS 2007 R2) was the introduction of Response Groups. The OCS 2007 R2 Response Group Service provides essentially the same functionality is ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) groups have in call centers for decades. Individuals...

April 20, 2009  3:17 AM

SmartSIP – So Simple a Kid Can Understand It

Posted by: Tony Bradley
direct SIP trunking, Evangelyze Communications, Microsoft, OCS, OCS 2007 R2, SmartSIP, Unified Communications

One of  the most anticipated innovations in Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 was the introduction of the ability to connect OCS directly to a SIP trunk. One caveat to that excitement was...

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