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December 28, 2007  8:39 PM

What Happened to IPv5?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
IP, IP communications, IPv4, IPv6, Silvia Hagen

You are probably familiar with the fact that IPv4 is more or less the standard that the Internet and networks of the world rely on. IPv6 is the emerging standard developed to expand the available pool of addresses as well as addressing a variety of performance and security issues in IPv4. So, why...

September 20, 2007  5:44 PM

EMC Introduces Technology to Manage IPv6

Posted by: Tony Bradley
EMC, IP, IP communications, IPv4, IPv6

IPv6, the next generation IP protocol which is replacing the current IPv4 (not sure what happened to IPv5) has not taken off quite the way it had been anticipated. Still, the standard is being rolled out more and more, if by nothing more than attrition, and organizations need next generation tools...

September 3, 2007  8:55 AM

IP Addressing Crash Course

Posted by: Tony Bradley
CIDR, IP, IP communications, IPv4, IPv6, Subnet mask, Subnets

Do you understand the difference between classless and classful IP addressing? Can you explain what is different in IPv6 from IPv4 and why businesses or individuals should care? How about calculating a subnet mask- or determining the total possible IP addresses based on the subnet mask? I had a...

August 8, 2007  8:31 PM

IPv6 Growing Pains

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Internet, IPv4, IPv6, IPv6 Consortium, Networking

IPv6 has been the "emerging" standard for a couple years now. IPv6 was developed to replace the current IPv4 standard (what happened to IPv5?) and help to address some of the shortfalls in security and reliability with the protocol as well as to expand the available address space. It hasn't taken...


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