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February 28, 2010  8:19 AM

Cart Driving the Horse for UC Innovation

Posted by: Tony Bradley
consumer, Google Buzz, Google Voice, Skype, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Unified communications and collaboration is obviously meant for business. No consumer technology would adopt such a complex collection of syllables as its name. Regardless of where the concept for UC, or for UCC began, though, there is evidence that its the consumer market, rather than the...

January 28, 2010  10:41 AM

Want to Provide Voice Service? Expect FCC Oversight

Posted by: Tony Bradley
FCC, Google Voice, Skype, voice service, VoIP, Vonage

Newcomers to the voice arena are trying to have their proverbial cake while eating it too. They want to be seen as competitors to traditional phone companies and wireless providers, but they also want to operate outside of the rules and regulations that govern those entities.

November 15, 2009  12:55 PM

Google Becomes a VoIP Provider with Gizmo5 Purchase

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Gizmo5, Google, Google Voice, Google Wave, SIP, Skype, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

Google announced its 4th acquisition of the year with the purchase of Gizmo5. Gizmo5 gives Google the ability to connect VoIP calls from the Internet or from mobile...

June 30, 2009  4:37 PM

Can Google Voice Crush Skype?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
eBay, Google, Google Voice, Skype, UC, Unified Communications, VoIP

When the economy was booming and things were looking up, eBay decided to diversify by purchasing the online VoIP provider Skype. Times are more troubled now and there have been talks recently that eBay may put Skype back on...

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June 27, 2009  1:22 PM

Google Voice- UC For The Budget-Impaired?

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Google Voice, Google Wave, Grand Central, UC, Unified Communications

A llloooonnnngg time ago (OK- it was 2 years. But, in tech-time that isĀ an eon) Google bought a small company called Grand Central. The essential principle behind Grand Central was "one phone number...


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