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September 12, 2009  3:31 AM

Secret Messages Hidden in VoIP Traffic

Posted by: Tony Bradley
al qaeda, eavesdropping, NSA, secret message, Security, steganography, terrorists, VoIP, wiretapping

Security researchers are increasingly concerned that hackers are close to developing tools for VoIP-based steganography. With hidden messages being transmitted secretly within the voice data,...

January 1, 2009  2:41 PM

Do-It-Yourself DECT Hacking

Posted by: Tony Bradley
attack, DECT, eavesdropping, VoIP, VoIP security

I have DECT cordless phones in my home. I didn't really get them for the security factor per se. I bought them because their operation isn't impacted or interfered with by wireless networks, microwave ovens, or baby monitors. I was tired of having 27 different devices all competing for the same...


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