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September 12, 2009  2:12 AM

Verizon Unveils Vendor-Agnostic Managed Mobility

Posted by: Tony Bradley
AT&T, BT, expense, IBM, inventory, Managed Mobility Solutions, mobile communications, mobile service, Security, Verizon

Verizon would love to be the sole provider of mobile communications services for every customer around the world. But, realizing that won't ever happen it is going for the next best thing- managing mobile communications for customers regardless of the mobile carrier(s) they are using. The...

May 25, 2008  3:03 AM

Free WiFi Coming to Starbucks

Posted by: Tony Bradley
AT&T, Starbucks, TMobile, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wireless

I have never understood why Starbucks charged for their wifi hotspot access. I understood why TMobile wanted to make some money off of the deal, but wifi hotspots are everywhere. I like Starbucks, but Panera has free wifi,...

August 31, 2007  2:45 PM

Microsoft Rumored To Buy Blackberry

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Apple, AT&T, BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft Windows, RIM, Wireless

Actually, the rumor is that Microsoft might be in the market to purchase Canadian-based mobile device manufacturer RIM (Research in Motion), makers of the popular Blackberry communication devices. Microsoft may be...

August 24, 2007  9:42 AM

Net Neutrality

Posted by: Tony Bradley
AT&T, Comcast, Internet, Net neutrality

The issue of Net Neutrality has been a hot topic lately. Some major Internet providers, such as AT&T and Comcast, propose that they own their networks and that they should be able to block or throttle content. In other words, if Company A pays more than Company B, maybe Company A's data gets...


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