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October, 2007


October 19, 2007  8:36 PM

WiMax and 3G Converge

Posted by: Tony Bradley
3g, Mobile, Mobile device, wi-fi, WiMAX, Wireless

It has been one of those epic technology battles: VHS v. Betamax, Windows v. Mac, BlueRay v. HD DVD, WiMax v. 3G, etc. Well, VHS definitely beat Betamax. The Windows v. Mac battle is debatable with near religious zealotry on either side. The Blueray v. HD DVD battle may be decided this holiday...

October 17, 2007  2:45 PM

Planning For Network Changes

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Cisco, Ethernet, Networking, Networkingchannel

The network is the lifeblood of the organization. Email, VoIP communications, files, and other data zip back and forth throughout the network infrastructure. Of course, over time equipment gets worn out or becomes obsolete and changes have to be made to the network. If you were dealing with your...

October 11, 2007  4:55 PM

Unified Threat Management

Posted by: Tony Bradley
antimalware, IP communications, Networking, Security, Unified Threat Management, UTM, VoIP

It seems that the world of information technology and information security is pursuing a path to harmony and cooperation. The current buzz word is "unity". We have unified communications- converging IP networking, email, voicemail, voice communications, and instant messaging to provide an...

October 11, 2007  4:09 PM

Compliance Impact on Intrusion Detection

Posted by: Tony Bradley
Compliance, Fisma, HIPAA, PCI DSS, Security, SOX Anton Chuvakin

Intrusion detection, despite being declared dead by a Gartner analyst in 2003, remains alive and kicking in 2007...almost 2008. Actually, not only is it still around and being used in various forms by many organizations,...

October 4, 2007  12:41 PM

Network Security With ACL’s

Posted by: Tony Bradley
ACL, Cisco, IP, Networking, Security

One of the main components of networking is the router. Without the "router", the traffic would not be "routed" to its intended destination (duh!). That also means that the router is in a prime position to act as a gatekeeper to help protect the network. By defining and implementing Access Controls...


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