Regulatory Compliance, Governance and Security:

SAS 70 Type I

October 19, 2008  8:27 PM

SAS70 Audit Reports | Understanding SAS70 Type I & Type II Audits

Posted by: Charles Denyer
regulatory compliance, SAS 70 Type I, sas 70 type ii, sas70

Does your organization need to be SAS70 compliant? If so, many people often ask me if they have to complete a SAS70 Type I audit before doing a SAS70 Type II audit. And the answer? Well, it all depends on a number of factors, such as: 1. Has your organization ever gone through a SAS70 audit before,...

September 26, 2008  5:18 PM

SAS70 Pricing for Type I & Type II Audits | Important Facts

Posted by: Charles Denyer
SAS 70 Type I, sas 70 type ii, sas70, sas70 pricing, sas70 sample reports

SAS70 pricing for Type I and Type II audits is still a hot topic for regulatory compliance these days, and for good reason. The huge rise in SAS70 audits over the past five years has created a true need for accountants and auditors to perform these specialized audits. As a SAS70 auditor for many...

September 21, 2008  5:08 PM

SAS70 Glossary of Audit Terms | Learn Important Terms & Phrases

Posted by: Charles Denyer
glossary of auditing terms sas 70, SAS 70, SAS 70 Type I, sas 70 type ii, sas70

Want to think and talk like a SAS70 auditor? Well, if you are a service organization that will soon be undergoing a SAS70 audit, then it's a good idea to gain an understanding of some of the most commonly used term for Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70. Do you know the difference between the...

September 21, 2008  5:01 PM

SAS70 Audits | A Great Way to Grow your Business

Posted by: Charles Denyer
corporate governance, regulatory compliance, sas 70 rfp, SAS 70 Type I, sas 70 type ii, sas70

SAS70 audits can be seen as expensive, time consuming, and arduous, to say the least. What's important to note though is that a SAS70 audit can be seen as a great tool for helping promote and grow your business. Just take a look at the heightened regulatory compliance and corporate governance...

September 21, 2008  4:51 PM

SAS70 Control Objectives | Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by: Charles Denyer
sas 70 control objectives, SAS 70 Type I, sas 70 type ii, sas70, sas70 sample reports

As a SAS70 auditor, organizations often ask me how are control objectives developed. Technically, it is the service organization's responsibility to develop SAS70 control objectives. However, in reality, it's looked upon as a collaborative effort by a number of parties involved in the overall SAS70...

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