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July 24, 2009  8:12 PM

PCI Merchant Level Requirements | VISA Merchant Level Compliance

Posted by: Charles Denyer
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PCI Merchant Level Requirements for VISA are stated as the following: Level 1: Any merchant-regardless of acceptance channel-processing over 6,000,000 Visa transactions per year. Also, any merchant that Visa, at its sole discretion, determines should meet the Level 1 merchant...

April 30, 2009  2:51 PM

PCI DSS Requirements | VISA Merchant Levels and Requirements for Compliance

Posted by: Charles Denyer
000, 000 to 1, 000 to 6, 20, american express, amex, annual self assessment, charles denyer, Discover Card, fewer than 20, jcb, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, mastercard, pci dss requirements, pci qsa, processing 1, processing over 6, quarterly network scan asv, visa

PCI DSS VISA Requirements for Merchants as stated by VISA require merchants to first and foremost identify what “Level” of compliance is required. This simply requires your organization to identify the number of transactions per year that...


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