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July, 2009


July 28, 2009  3:45 PM

SAS 70 for Payroll Companies | Tips on SAS 70 Type II Compliance

Posted by: Charles Denyer
charles denyer, consumer information, dates of birth, EIN, payroll companies, sas 70 type ii, SAS70 Type I, social security numbers

SAS 70 for payroll companies is fast becoming a requirement in this industry. And why? Because payroll companies conduct critical and material outsourcing functions for many organizations in today's business arena. What's more, they have a...

July 27, 2009  11:49 AM

PCI DSS Service Provider Levels for VISA | Level 1 to Level 3

Posted by: Charles Denyer
Annual onsite review by QSA, PCI DSS service provider levels, qsa, qualified security assessor, SAQ, visa, VisaNet

PCI DSS Service Providers Levels for VISA are defined as the following: Level 1: All VisaNet processors (member and non-member) and all payment gateways. Level 2: Service Providers (agents) not in Level 1 that...

July 24, 2009  8:12 PM

PCI Merchant Level Requirements | VISA Merchant Level Compliance

Posted by: Charles Denyer
american express, charles denyer, Discover Card, jcb, level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, mastercard, pci merchant level requirements, visa

PCI Merchant Level Requirements for VISA are stated as the following: Level 1: Any merchant-regardless of acceptance channel-processing over 6,000,000 Visa transactions per year. Also, any merchant that Visa, at its sole discretion, determines should meet the Level 1 merchant...

July 24, 2009  8:00 PM

PCI DSS Compliance | Why You Need a QSA for Level 1 Compliance

Posted by: Charles Denyer
charles denyer, dss, level 1, merchant, payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS), payment card industry security standards council, PCI, pci ssc, qsa, qualified security assessor (QSA), service provider

PCI DSS Compliance for Level 1 Merchants and Service Providers is mandatory. In short, if you are a Merchant or Service Provider and have been...

July 24, 2009  7:53 PM

SAS 70 Audit and Compliance | Financial Services are Next in Line

Posted by: Charles Denyer
charles denyer, internal control audit, internal controls, obama, Registered Invesment Advisers, RIA, sas 70 type ii, Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70, suprise audit

SAS 70 Audit and Compliance will soon be entering the financial services and financial sector in a much more in-depth manner in the coming years. Sure, SAS 70 audits have been widely used on asset accounting, hedge funds, trust establishments, but the push will be much further and deeper in the...

July 17, 2009  12:58 PM

SAS 70 Type II Audit Compliance | Expert Advice from a SAS 70 Auditor

Posted by: Charles Denyer
charles denyer, cpa firm, population, sampling, sas 70 readiness assessment, SAS 70 Type II audit compliance

After years of working with the SAS 70 auditing standard, there comes a time when i need to clarify and hand out helpful advice to service organizations that will soon be undertaking the process of an actual SAS 70 audit. So, let's discuss some important issues for making sure you achieve SAS 70...

July 17, 2009  12:45 PM

PCI DSS Compliance | MasterCard SDP Changes Rules for Merchants

Posted by: Charles Denyer
charles denyer, mastercard, Matercard site data protection program, merchants level 2, pci dss qsa, pci dss self assessments, qsa, qualified security assessor, reciprocity, sdp program, service providers

MasterCard has recently announced changes to their Site Data Protection program, which now requires BOTH Level 1 and Level 2 Merchants to retain a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to validate compliance in regards to PCI DSS. This is...

July 8, 2009  7:27 PM

SAS 70 Compliance | Why a Readiness Assessment is Essential for the Audit

Posted by: Charles Denyer
control environment, gap analysis, SAS 70, sas 70 readiness assessment, sas 70 resource guide,, type i, type II

Many service organizations having to undergo SAS 70 Type I or SAS 70 Type II compliance would greatly benefit from a SAS 70 Readiness Assessment. So, let's clear the air as to what this actually is. A SAS 70 Readiness Assessment should be a proactive exercise which actually benefits the overall...

July 6, 2009  3:20 PM

Sample SAS 70 Type II Audit Report | Learn about SAS 70 Audits

Posted by: Charles Denyer
charles denyer, cpa, pdf, sas 70 example report, sas 70 sample report, sas 70 type ii audit report, sas70, statment on auditing standards no. 70

Obtaining a Sample SAS 70 Type II Audit Report is simply the best way for service organizations to learn about Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70. This can be a highly complex audit process,...


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