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October 31, 2013  4:27 PM

Cloud providers pregaming Black Friday with M&A shopping spree

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
cloud M&A, CSC, Internap, NTT

Holy market consolidation, Batman! We've known for a while that the volume of cloud provider mergers and acquisitions (M&As) has been growing at a...

September 26, 2012  12:31 PM

IDC: 30% of cloud providers will go out of business by 2015

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
cloud M&A, cloud trends, IBM, IDC, Oracle, SAP

Yes, yes, we know. Lies, damned lies and statistics. Still,...

July 2, 2012  4:04 PM

Dell buying Quest for $2.4B: Is there a cloud play up its sleeve?

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
cloud M&A, Dell, M&A, Microsoft, Quest Software, selling cloud

We're all in agreement, right? Dell's decision to buy Quest Software for $2.4 billion means it's putting its hardware-junkie days behind and moving with the market by adopting a more software-focused strategy. But hey, could we please get a little more specific? The

December 5, 2011  5:15 PM

Yeah, yeah. SAP’s making a move for the cloud. But what else is going on here?

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
Apotheker, cloud M&A, M&A, mergers and acquisitions, RightNow, SaaS, SuccessFactors

They say a magician's best trick is diverting the audience's attention long enough to create the illusion that he just pulled a rabbit out of a hat or made a scantily-clad assistant disappear. I'm not quite so cynical to believe that there's anything subversive about all of the analysis of what...


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