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December 26, 2011  10:46 AM

Taking the Next Step Into the Cloud

Posted by: Pedro Pereira
backup and recovery, cloud, data, IT, storage

As 2011 draws to an end, it’s impossible not to wonder what the New Year has in store. Without getting into the usual prognostications, the question of what’s in store for cloud computing is inevitable.

For two to three years, the IT industry has talked up the cloud, and...

December 12, 2011  11:17 AM

Cloud Innovations Give Users the Power of Choice

Posted by: Pedro Pereira
Cloud Computing, infrastructure, IT, operating system, OS33, storage, webtop

Technology is supposed to make your life better. It makes you more efficient and productive, and allows you to do things your way.

That’s the theory, anyway. And for a long time, before the advent of cloud computing, IT...

November 29, 2011  11:41 AM

As Data Traffic Soars, You Need a Cloud Strategy

Posted by: Pedro Pereira
Cloud Computing, data, datacenter, server, storage, zetabyte

All right, folks, expect to see a ton more bad cloud-related puns in coming months, as the trend toward moving IT assets to the cloud accelerates. You might say cloud business is about to soar. (See, I warned you!)

Cisco Systems,...


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