Clouds Ahead:

November, 2011


November 29, 2011  11:41 AM

As Data Traffic Soars, You Need a Cloud Strategy

Posted by: Pedro Pereira
Cloud Computing, data, datacenter, server, storage, zetabyte

All right, folks, expect to see a ton more bad cloud-related puns in coming months, as the trend toward moving IT assets to the cloud accelerates. You might say cloud business is about to soar. (See, I warned you!)

Cisco Systems,...

November 22, 2011  11:20 AM

Cloud Computing Will Make Tough Decisions Look Quaint

Posted by: Pedro Pereira
Cloud Computing, Exchange, Internet of Things, iPhone, Nest, Siri

Remember when we didn’t use cell phones or email? It’s like wondering what we did before the ATM. Did people go around with big wads of cash in their pockets because they couldn’t get a quick hundred whenever they wanted?


November 15, 2011  1:02 PM

Addressing Data Control Concerns in the Cloud

Posted by: Pedro Pereira

Cloud computing raises some serious questions about data. Who controls the data, how can you be sure it is secure, and what happens if your cloud service provider has an outage?

You could write a book trying to address each of...

November 9, 2011  11:35 AM

Let the Cloud Support Your Business Growth

Posted by: Pedro Pereira
business growth, Cloud Computing, economy, IT, IT service providers, server capacity

With the economy stuck in a rut, planning for business growth may feel like wishful thinking. Even the 2.5 percent GDP growth the government reported for the third quarter isn’t good enough to start solving our economy’s persistent unemployment...

November 2, 2011  10:42 AM

The Trouble with Cloud Security

Posted by: Pedro Pereira
Cloud Computing, hacker, privacy, regulations, security

Depending on where you look, you’ll read that business decision makers are either scared stiff of adopting cloud-based solutions or they can’t dig deeply enough into their pockets to fund cloud projects.

Analyst firm IDC...


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