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March 8, 2012  8:11 PM

Yup, your cloud hunch was right

Posted by: Michelle Boisvert
cloud, cloud adoption, Cloud Industry Forum, USA Cloud Adoption & Trends in 2012

Everything you’ve read about who is using cloud computing and why is pretty much true, so says at least one industry study.

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February 16, 2012  2:30 AM

Making cloud viral in your enterprise

Posted by: Michelle Boisvert
cloud, cloud adoption, cloud conference, devops

IT teams understand the cloud model and are trying to realize its economic benefits.

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February 9, 2012  6:30 PM

VMware claims three-fold jump in ‘vCloud Powered’ clouds

Posted by: Stuart Johnston
vCloud, vCloud Director, vCloud Integration Manager, Virtualization, VMware

VMware has dominated the server virtualization marketplace since the early days -- so why is it still so far behind in the cloud computing space?

February 3, 2012  7:30 PM

OpenStack may drop Hyper-V from next release

Posted by: Stuart Johnston
Hyper-V, microsoft, open source, OpenStack

There's been some handwringing since late January when the open source cloud platform

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December 15, 2011  6:08 PM

Cloud SLAs can be a touchy (feely) subject

Posted by: Michelle Boisvert
cloud, Cloud Standards Customer Council,, sla

Get a bunch of cloud proponents in a room together to talk service-level agreements and things can get heated and even a little emotional. Or at least that’s how it seemed at the...

June 22, 2011  8:48 PM

The FBI is coming to get your cloud (or not)

Posted by: CarlBrooks
Amazon Web Services, cloud, cloud risks, Core IP, data center seizures, FBI, legal affairs, LulzSec, Matthew Simpson and Mike Faulkner

Hooray! Another "public cloud is ridiculously dangerous and will eat your babies" news item. Or not. Maybe both. Don't worry but lock up your babies, is more or less what I'm saying. Lets break it out. In conjunction with the

May 6, 2011  7:42 PM

Did cloud computing help catch Osama bin Laden?

Posted by: CarlBrooks
cloud, Navy SEALs, Osama bin Laden

Now that we've gotten the link bait headline out of the way, let me say first that cloud computing is in no way to be considered anywhere near as important to the death of Osama bin Laden as the...

May 4, 2011  8:26 PM

Why HP wants the whole cloud stack

Posted by: JoMaitland
cloud computing, cloud plans leak, hp

HP's clumsy cloud leak this week sheds a little bit more light on the printer giant's cloud computing plans, but the details signal a much bigger trend. The major IT players feel they must own the whole cloud stack. Why? According to

March 8, 2011  9:11 PM

Poor man’s VCE? Rackspace Cloud Builders wants to sell you OpenStack

Posted by: CarlBrooks
cloud, Cloud Builders, hardware, OpenStack, Rackspace, VCE

Has hosting and cloud leader Rackspace found a way into the private cloud fray? A new service offering by Rackspace Cloud Builders will come to you,...

December 14, 2010  10:15 PM

What happened to SimpleCDN?

Posted by: CarlBrooks, CDN in the cloud, cloud market, Cloud outages, ouch, SimpleCDN, Softlayer, UK2

SimpleCDN had a simple premise: people will buy into a cheap, reliable content distribution network (CDN). Turns out it was too cheap, and maybe too cavalier with its choice of customers. As a result, the service was...

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