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May 9, 2012  12:53 PM

Is Microsoft jettisoning Azure name?

Posted by: Stuart Johnston
Microsoft Azure, Microsoft cloud, public cloud, Windows Azure

"If it is true, it's pants-on-head retarded."

January 9, 2012  8:41 PM

Windows Azure cloud to embrace Linux OS

Posted by: Stuart Johnston
Linux, Microsoft Azure, public cloud, Windows Azure

Microsoft often has been seen as opposed to any operating system that isn't Windows -- particularly Linux. However, Redmond has been changing its attitude, in some cases even going...

April 22, 2011  7:00 PM

Using the IBM Smart Business Cloud — Enterprise

Posted by: CarlBrooks
enterprise cloud, How to use IBM cloud, IBM Cloud, public cloud, Smart Business Cloud-Enterprise, What is IBM cloud, yepitisacloud

So I was very excited when IBM officially launched its general purpose public cloud service. It was a validation of the cloud model for the enterprise; it was a chance to see what one of the premier technology vendors on the planet would deliver when it put shoulder to wheel on this exciting new...

August 26, 2009  7:06 PM

Amazon VPC: moving the goal posts or playing catch-up?

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, public cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, VMworld, VPC

Amazon has announced, in its inimitable bloggy style, a new service to allow users to create virtual private clouds within its data centers. The new Amazon VPC offering is "virtual" because the...


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