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October 25, 2013  4:44 PM

Rackspace acquires ZeroVM, says products could take years

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
big data, Rackspace

There was hope among Rackspace users this week that the company’s latest acquisition of LiteStack would improve cloud provisioning times, but Rackspace officials said the technology isn’t going to be offered as a product for some time. LiteStack Inc., the open-source hypervisor company...

January 20, 2012  5:22 PM

Is the cloud Linux country?

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Amazon AWS, azure, big data, devops, Linux

VMware and virtualization changed the face of enterprise IT. And cloud computing -- in some form or another -- promises to do the same. What shape will the cloud take? It’s still too early to say for sure, but my gut tells me the cloud will be inextricably linked with Linux-inspired tools,...

June 15, 2011  10:22 PM

LexisNexis throws hat in big data ring

Posted by: CarlBrooks
big data, Hadoop, HPCC Systems, LexisNexis

Premier data analysis and records search firm LexisNexis has dropped a large rock into the next generation database pond: it’s releasing the core of its own data management and search technology as an open source software (dual license: free/community edition and paid-for pro edition).


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