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January 20, 2012  5:22 PM

Is the cloud Linux country?

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Amazon AWS, azure, big data, devops, Linux

VMware and virtualization changed the face of enterprise IT. And cloud computing -- in some form or another -- promises to do the same. What shape will the cloud take? It’s still too early to say for sure, but my gut tells me the cloud will be inextricably linked with Linux-inspired tools,...

November 1, 2010  11:04 PM

How Azure actually works, courtesy of Mark Russinovich

Posted by: CarlBrooks
aha, azure, Azure in some detail, AzureInside, Fault Domain, How Azure Works, Hyper-V, infrastructure, Inside Windows Azure, Mark Russinovich, microsoft, PDC 2010, The more you know

Mark Russinovich -- Microsoft technical fellow, a lead on the Azure platform and a renowned Windows expert -- took pains at PDC '10 (Watch the "Inside Windows Azure" session here) to lay out a...

February 5, 2010  1:46 AM

Microsoft and NSF giving away Azure

Posted by: CarlBrooks
azure, giveaway, HPC, lookoverhereitsshiny, loss leader, National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation and Microsoft have announced they will be giving away Azure resources for researchers in an attempt to: "shift the dialogue to what the appropriate public/private interaction" is for research computing, according to Dan Reed, Corporate Vice President for Extreme...

August 14, 2009  9:52 PM

Party’s over, kids: Microsoft has private cloud all sewn up. In 2010. Maybe

Posted by: CarlBrooks
azure, Hosting Con, microsoft, Virtualization, Zane Adam

Microsoft says it will have the definitive virtualized public/private/platform cloud solution ready to go in a "shrink wrap" package by 2010, and that, by the way, hosters that aren't fully virtualized will go the way of the dodo. Of course, this may come as a surprise to all the hosters already...

July 17, 2009  5:48 PM

Big Week In The Clouds

Posted by: JohnMWillis
amazon, Amazon AWS, azure, cisco, hp, Rackspace

Most weeks are pretty cloudy for me these days. However, this one was chock-filled with exciting stuff. In case you missed any, here goes...

Rackspace Cloud API

Rackspace has three cloud offerings, ( Cloud Files, Cloud Sites, and Cloud Servers). Cloud Sites is their PaaS offering...


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