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December 10, 2010  8:14 PM

A roundup of the latest Amazon updates: Warp drive, Mr. Sulu

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, aws, AWS updates, crazy, Full steam ahead, IaaS

Despite blowback from refusing to supply services to whistleblower website WikiLeaks, controversy over congestion, uptime and customer service (or lack thereof), it seems that

January 25, 2010  11:26 PM

AWS experimenting with actually supporting DNS for users

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, cloud, cloud hosting responsibilities, PTRs cloud computing, RBLs, Reverse DNS, Spamhuas

Sharp eyes to Shlomo Swidler, who posted an update to an old thread and an old complaint on AWS - getting lumped into spam blacklists. EC2 staffer...

October 14, 2009  7:53 PM

Amazon would like to remind you where the hype started

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, aws, hype, outages, reports ofmydeathhavebeengreatlyexaggerated, SideKick

Amazon would like to remind you to thank them for the heightened expectations. So a Web app running on a telecom service goes belly up and cloud is moribund yet again. That seems to be the...

September 9, 2009  8:59 PM

Measuring the Growth of Cloud Computing

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, Cloud Cartography, EC2, Guy Rosen

As cloud computing has grown in recognition, and the marketplace has started to attract serious cash, some people are beginning to put some serious effort in to tracking and measuring actual cloud usage. Here's a small collection of links that show, with some veracity, the state of cloud computing...

August 26, 2009  7:06 PM

Amazon VPC: moving the goal posts or playing catch-up?

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, public cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, VMworld, VPC

Amazon has announced, in its inimitable bloggy style, a new service to allow users to create virtual private clouds within its data centers. The new Amazon VPC offering is "virtual" because the...

July 17, 2009  5:48 PM

Big Week In The Clouds

Posted by: JohnMWillis
amazon, Amazon AWS, azure, cisco, hp, Rackspace

Most weeks are pretty cloudy for me these days. However, this one was chock-filled with exciting stuff. In case you missed any, here goes...

Rackspace Cloud API

Rackspace has three cloud offerings, ( Cloud Files, Cloud Sites, and Cloud Servers). Cloud Sites is their PaaS offering...

July 13, 2009  4:11 PM

AWS growth info exposed

Posted by: Mino65434
amazon, aws, cloud computing, S3

We recently came upon some photos displaying, in fancy picture form, the growth of Amazon Web Services in terms of bandwidth usage and objects stored in Amazon S3. The results are impressive, as you'll see below:

May 21, 2009  2:27 PM

Cloud draws crowds as Interop winds down

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, cloud computing, Interop, Rackspace

It's great fun watching a big trade show wind down. Day one is all vigor and pizazz and manic tweets. By the third day, attendees are sprawled in the halls, their listless fingers struggling to update mere blogs. At any rate, Wednesday (day three) brought a telling scene. An event photographer...

May 19, 2009  5:13 PM

Day 2 dawns at Enterprise Cloud Summit

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, Amazon AWS, aws, ECS, enterprise cloud summit

We're exploring new frontiers at the Enterprise Cloud Summit, as cloud deckhands try to haul up the sails and ship owners look for value. Overall the mood is good; people are receptive, especially since the order of the day for cloud...

April 29, 2009  8:47 PM

EUCALYPTUS sprouts business shoots

Posted by: CarlBrooks
amazon, Amazon Web Services, aws, cloud, cloud computing, cloud managment, EC2, eucalyptus, open source

In what is surely a contender for the most-complicated backronym of the ages, the Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems, first developed at Middleware and Applications Yielding...

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