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December, 2010


December 14, 2010  10:15 PM

What happened to SimpleCDN?

CarlBrooks Carl Brooks Profile: CarlBrooks

SimpleCDN had a simple premise: people will buy into a cheap, reliable content distribution network (CDN). Turns out it was too cheap, and maybe too cavalier with its choice of customers. As a result, the service was...

December 13, 2010  9:38 PM

CloudSwitch launches v2.0

JoMaitland Jo Maitland Profile: JoMaitland

Startup, CloudSwitch has released version 2.0 of its software that lets enterprise users connect their private data...

December 10, 2010  8:14 PM

A roundup of the latest Amazon updates: Warp drive, Mr. Sulu

CarlBrooks Carl Brooks Profile: CarlBrooks

Despite blowback from refusing to supply services to whistleblower website WikiLeaks, controversy over congestion, uptime and customer service (or lack thereof), it seems that

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