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October, 2009


October 29, 2009  8:20 PM

Dark side of the cloud — the potential for abuse is limited only by our imagination

CarlBrooks Carl Brooks Profile: CarlBrooks

We all appear to have swallowed the cheerful news about cloud computing hook, line and sinker, thanks in part to a confluence of economic woes and a sudden maturation of the technology- by happy chance, cloud computing seemed like the answer to a lack of cash. Economies of scale and self-service...

October 14, 2009  7:53 PM

Amazon would like to remind you where the hype started

CarlBrooks Carl Brooks Profile: CarlBrooks

Amazon would like to remind you to thank them for the heightened expectations. So a Web app running on a telecom service goes belly up and cloud is moribund yet again. That seems to be the...

October 5, 2009  3:43 PM

Private cloud isn’t a new market

CarlBrooks Carl Brooks Profile: CarlBrooks

Private cloud is a touchy subject these days. Proponents say it's inevitable, detractors say it's all marketing. Enterprises, who are supposed to be clamoring for it, are cautious: hearing endless pitches from endless different angles will do that. “We only have ourselves to blame,” said

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