August 17, 2013  1:54 PM

Cloud Evolution – USB 2.0 is a Long Way Off

Posted by: Brian Gracely
APi, AWS, Cloud Computing, CloudStack, Enterprise, Hybrid Cloud, Licensing, Lock-In, Multi-Cloud, Open Source, OpenStack, Private Cloud, Simon Wardley, VMware

Back when we started The Cloudcast (.net) podcast in 2011, our first guest was Christian Reilly from Bechtel. At the time, he was a couple years into a multi-year process of...

August 4, 2013  8:34 PM

What is “Enterprise Ready” in Cloud Computing?

Posted by: Brian Gracely
AWS, Big Data, Budgeting, Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Licensing, Mission-Critical Applications, Outsourcing, Private Cloud, Shadow IT, SLA, Transformation

Probably more than any other question, I get asked all the time if I believe that Amazon AWS is "enterprise ready". Sometimes the question comes from analysts trying to determine the extent that the IT industry is shifting. Sometimes is comes from vendors trying to determine the pace of...

February 17, 2013  3:57 PM

Is a New Journey Needed for Business-Critical Applications?

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Converged Infrastructure, Licensing, Lock-In, Mission-Critical Applications, Multi-Tenancy, Security, VMware

For the past 3-4 years, we've seen tremendous growth in the level of virtualization that has been adopted within Enterprise and Mid-Market data centers. Statistics show that we reached the tipping point for Virtual Machines vs. Physical Machines in 2009, with that lead expected to grow to nearly 2x...

December 17, 2012  10:31 PM

Is IT the Last Major Open-Source Project?

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Big Data, Budgeting, Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, Concierge, Consumerization of IT, Costs, Data Scientist, DevOps, Licensing, Open Source, Shadow IT

Traditionally, internal IT organizations have leveraged proprietary software and public Internet services have been built using open-source software. Some of this behavior was driven by legacy...

November 22, 2012  12:21 AM

“Lock-In”: More than just Vendors, Standards and Open-Source

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Cloud Computing, Data Center, Google, Henry Ford, Licensing, Open Source, OpenStack

A funny thing happened on the way to the next wave in IT technology - Cloud Computing - people seemed to want combine the portability of a time-machine with the

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