From Silos to Services: Cloud Computing for the Enterprise:


April 6, 2014  3:24 PM

Cloudy Musings and Random Thoughts

Posted by: Brian Gracely
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The "Five Computer" Theory In 1943, Thomas Watson said, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Then in the early 2000s, when the Web 2.0 era was...

July 7, 2013  10:24 PM

Will Hardware Vendors Adapt to Changing Expectations?

Posted by: Brian Gracely
21st Century Bit Factory, Cisco, Cloud Computing, Costs, Data Center, Data Scientist, Enterprise, Facebook, Google, Hadoop, Open Source, Pivotal, Transformation

Earlier this week, GigaOm wrote a post discussing the possibilities that the largest web companies would begin designing their own chips (CPUs, etc.). This was...

May 26, 2013  12:04 PM

Transforming IT or Transforming the Business?

Posted by: Brian Gracely
21st Century Bit Factory, Big Data, Budgeting, Cloud Computing, Consumerization of IT, Converged Infrastructure, Facebook, Platform, Shadow IT, Simon Wardley, Transformation

An interesting discussion took place on Twitter yesterday, spurred by one of my favorite industry analysts (Simon Wardley, @swardley). I've

March 23, 2013  3:43 PM

Big Data Thoughts from Structure:Data

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Big Data, Data Scientist, DBaaS, Facebook, Google, Hadoop, NoSQL, Open Source, Pivotal, Platform, VMware

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October 29, 2012  9:00 AM

What 21st Century Bit Factories can learn from 20th Century Widget Factories

Posted by: Brian Gracely
21st Century Bit Factory, Cloud Computing, Converged Infrastructure, Data Center, DevOps, Facebook, Google, Henry Ford, Simon Wardley, Software-Defined Data Center

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