From Silos to Services: Cloud Computing for the Enterprise:


March 28, 2014  8:54 PM

Federated InterCloud of Hybridness

Posted by: Brian Gracely
APi, AWS, Cisco, Cloud Computing, Cloud Foundry, Cloud Management, Data Center, Enterprise, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS, Lock-In, Multi-Cloud, Open Source, OpenStack, PaaS, Pivotal, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Rackspace

On the 8th day, the Internet was created. And with it came (basically) seamless ability to access and move information around the big tangled mess of Intertubes. Apparently those TCP/IP inventors were pretty smart. And apparently ever since that day, or whenever

January 26, 2014  1:00 PM

Five Trends to Track in 2014

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Cisco, Cloud Computing, Converged Infrastructure, Enterprise, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS, Microsoft, Multi-Cloud, OpenStack, PaaS, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS, SDN, Software-Defined, Software-Defined Networking, Start-up, Virtualization, VMware

Will an OpenStack Leader Emerge? We've all watched the evolution of OpenStack for

December 8, 2013  6:11 PM

The Ebbs and Flows of SDN

Posted by: Brian Gracely
AWS, Cisco, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Enterprise, Lock-In, Multi-Tenancy, Open Source, OpenDaylight, OpenFlow, Overlay Network, Private Cloud, SDN, Software-Defined, Software-Defined Data Center, Software-Defined Networking, VLAN, VMware

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 8.56.20 AM

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October 31, 2013  1:53 PM

The New Rules of IT are New Business Models

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Cisco, Dell, HP, Hybrid Cloud, Lock-In, Microsoft

There's really only one constant in IT (or technology) and that's CHANGE. Technology changes, company strategies and partnerships change, and eventually best practices change. But we often get one concept wrong (or confused), because we tend to focus and obsess on the pace of change in the consumer...

September 30, 2013  10:30 PM

Confused about SDN? You should be…

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Cisco, Cloud Computing, CloudStack, Converged Infrastructure, Lock-In, Open Source, OpenDaylight, OpenFlow, OpenStack, Overlay Network, Private Cloud, SDN, Software-Defined Networking, Virtualization, VMware

It's been a long time since Networking was generating this much buzz in the IT industry. You have go back to the late 1990s, when Gigabit Ethernet companies combined hardware-based...

July 7, 2013  10:24 PM

Will Hardware Vendors Adapt to Changing Expectations?

Posted by: Brian Gracely
21st Century Bit Factory, Cisco, Cloud Computing, Costs, Data Center, Data Scientist, Enterprise, Facebook, Google, Hadoop, Open Source, Pivotal, Transformation

Earlier this week, GigaOm wrote a post discussing the possibilities that the largest web companies would begin designing their own chips (CPUs, etc.). This was...

June 26, 2013  8:47 PM

New Cloud Ops Model: GUIs vs. APIs

Posted by: Brian Gracely
APi, Cisco, Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, DevOps, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Tenancy, SaaS, Shadow IT, Software-Defined Networking, Transformation

The past 4-5 years have forced IT organizations to go through some significant changes as the pace of technology has accelerated greater than ever before. Virtualized resources, converged infrastructures, advanced automation tools, new development frameworks and business users that are smarter and...

December 11, 2012  12:06 AM

Enterprise Cloud Management – Still a Wide-Open Game

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Cisco, Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, CloudStack, Data Center, DevOps, Gartner, Open Source, OpenStack, Software-Defined Data Center, VMware

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the Twitter echo chamber , believing that whatever is good for Google, Facebook or NetFlix must also be good for your Enterprise environment. All new applications, built to scale and running on commodity hardware. But the other end of the spectrum is the...

November 12, 2012  11:00 AM

Why the Hype about SDN?

Posted by: Brian Gracely
Cisco, Cloud Computing, Costs, Data Center, Open Source, OpenFlow, Software-Defined Networking, VMware

So far this year, we've seen a number of...

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