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July 29, 2009  4:22 AM

Meet me at the VMworld 2009 Sundy Night Extravaganza!

Posted by: David Davis
extravaganze, VMware, vmworld

This year I will be attending the VMworld 2009 Sundy Night Extravaganza. What is it? Well if you are at VMworld 2009, you need to come and find out for yourself. I will be there and so will my company, Train Signal, who is ponsoring the event as we are promoting our new vSpere vi All different...

July 27, 2009  2:00 AM

Free E-Books from Greg Shields

Posted by: David Davis
2008, active directory, ebooks, free, Virtualization, windows

If you've been around Microsoft technologies long enough, likely you have heard the name Greg Shields. I was talking with Greg this week because he will be speaking at VMworld 2009 and he pointed out that he has, on the Internet a long list of free e-books. These e-books cover things...

July 22, 2009  10:23 PM

What is VMware vCenter Heartbeat and How will it help you?

Posted by: David Davis
heartbeat, vcenter, VMware

VMware has licensed NererFail's vCenter High Availability product and they now call it VMware vCenter Heartbeat. This month, I have created a new article that covers what this product offers, how it can help you, and how much it costs. Read the full article at:

June 29, 2009  8:43 PM

Configuring Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Networking

Posted by: David Davis
hyper-v, microsoft, Networking, Virtualization

I just created and posted a new video on how to configure Microsoft Hyper-V virtual networking. This can be a bit confusing for those new to virtualization because you have this whole new concept of the virtual network. Also, configuring virtual networking is very different between Hyper-V and,...

June 25, 2009  5:20 AM

Running VMware vSphere inside VMware Workstation

Posted by: David Davis
ESX, VMware, vsphere, workstation

I am working on my new Train Signal VMware vSphere training course. It will soon be released but, until then, click on the video below to watch an 18 minute demo that shows how to run VMware ESX 4 / vSphere inside VMware Workstation!

May 30, 2009  11:38 PM

VMware vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA)

Posted by: David Davis
ESX, vcma, VMware

VMware is now offering a "technology preview" / beta of an upcoming new product - vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA). By installing this appliance in your virtual infrastructure, you will be able to remotely manage your ESX hosts and virtual machines. Here are some of the features of...

May 24, 2009  11:21 PM

Use your iPhone or Blackberry to Manage VMware ESX and Hyper-V

Posted by: David Davis
ESX, hyper9, hyperv, vmm, VMware

Hyper9, the makers of the virtualization management, alerting, and troubleshooting tool, is about to release a new version of Virtualization Mobile Manager (VMM). With this tool, you can manage your VMware, Hyper-V, or Xen Infrastructure from your iPhone or...

May 22, 2009  6:49 AM

VMware vSphere Launch and Resources

Posted by: David Davis
VMware, vsphere

Just about everyone has heard by now but, if you have not, you should know that VMware vSphere has been released. VMware's new virtualization platform & suite is called vSphere but it encompasses many different VMware products like the new ESX4, vCenter, Data Recovery (VMware's new...

March 29, 2009  4:57 AM

Video: Installing VMware ESX Server

Posted by: David Davis
ESX, installation, VMware

Over at SearchVMware.com they have published a sample video from my VMware ESX Server video training course. This video shows you how to

January 27, 2009  12:40 AM

Who deserves VMware’s new award – the vExpert ?

Posted by: David Davis
nomination, vcp, vexpert, VMware

If you are familiar with Microsoft MVP, VMware's new vExpert is a similar concept. Both are yearly awards to people who contribute to their respective product communities (Microsoft or VMware). You can nominate yourself or others can nominate you. There is no monetary award but perhaps some...

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