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March 26, 2010  6:15 AM

Virtumania Podcast Rocks!

Posted by: David Davis
podcast, Virtualization, virtumania

Rich Brambley (@RBrambley) and crew from the new Virtuamania podcast are both educational and entertaining! This new podcast covers everything that you need to know about virtualization, storage, and servers. Rich has a real talent for making this...

January 21, 2010  3:06 AM

VIDEO: My home VMware vSphere Lab

Posted by: David Davis
lab, vcp, VMware, vsphere

I created  new video that details my home VMware vSphere lab including servers and storage. Watch the video here (click the video graphic to launch):

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December 3, 2009  6:46 PM

VIDEO: Using VMware GO by David Davis

Posted by: David Davis
esxi, go, p2v, Virtualization, VMware

Checkout my new video from Train Signal where I cover how to use VMware GO to install VMware ESXi, perform P2V conversions, and manage your ESXi virtual infrastructure.

November 19, 2009  6:52 PM

VIDEO: Installing the vSphere Client in Windows 7

Posted by: David Davis
client, error, video, VMware, vsphere, windows 7

While the vSphere Client does install fine in Windows 7, it is when you attempt to connect to your vCenter Server that you discover there is a problem. VMware doesn't officially support the vSphere Client under Windows 7 but there is a workaround to make it work. In this video, I cover how to...

October 31, 2009  3:21 PM

5Nine P2V Planner, Migrator, and Optimizer

Posted by: David Davis
5nine, consolidation, hyper-v, p2v, planner, Virtualization, VMware

The P2V Planner automatically collects all your hardware information and its utilization so you can make more sysync decisions regarding your business.

October 30, 2009  6:49 AM

How to verify if your processor is virtualization compatible

Posted by: David Davis
compatibility, cpu, hyperv, Virtualization, VMware, vt

Before you install VMware Workstation, vSphere, or even Microsoft Hyper-V, you first need to verify if your processor can utilize virtualization. Over at Train Signal's Windows Server Blog, they...

October 29, 2009  12:31 PM

Installing ESXi / vSphere version 4 and more

Posted by: David Davis
esxi, free, training, Virtualization, VMware

Tom Finnis, Technical Operations Manager for Help4IT, has recently written some excellent articles on VMware vSphere and ESX over at the Petri IT Knowledgebase. 

October 29, 2009  7:27 AM

Top 5 Pitfalls of Virtualization

Posted by: David Davis

According to Sue Ellen Schaming of Xangati, I've listed the top 5 pitfalls that you might encounter regarding virtualization:

Pitfall 1. Assuming application resources will optimize...

September 9, 2009  3:42 PM

Interviewed by J. Peter Bruzzese about vSphere

Posted by: David Davis
hyper-v, Virtualization, VMware, vsphere

I was recently interviewed by InfoWorld author and Microsoft guru J. Peter Bruzzese (aka @JPBruzzese...

July 29, 2009  7:31 PM

Cisco Nexus 1000V – 3 free videos

Posted by: David Davis
1000v, Cisco, nexus, VMware, vsphere

Have you seen my 3 free videos on how to download, install, and use the Cisco Nexus 1000V distributed virtual switch? I was one of the judges that selected this as the the best new technology of VMworld in 2008. If you aren't familiar with the Nexus 1000V (or N1KV), it is a software switch that...

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