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December 25, 2008  5:16 AM

David’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Resource List

Posted by: David Davis
BGP, Cisco, Networking, Routing

For those of you interested in the routing protocol of the Internet - Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP - I have written a number of articles on the topic. I recommend you checkout the following:

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December 25, 2008  4:47 AM

How to Enable Policy-Based Routing in the Cisco IOS

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Networking, Routing

Policy based routing (or PBR) is a process that has the router put packets through a route map before routing them.  This may be a good way of sending packets to a particular path for protocol security routes, for instance, instead of using the default shortest path algorithm.  To use PBR,...

December 24, 2008  4:29 AM

Managing Cisco IOS IP Routing Authentication Keys

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Network Management, Networking, Routing, Security

Key management is a way of controlling authentication keys used by routing protocols. You can think of these as "passwords" for your routers. Not all routing protocols can use key management. Only DRP Agent, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), and Routing Information Protocol...

December 23, 2008  4:27 AM

How to Configure Integrated IS-IS

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Networking, Routing

Cisco Integrated IS-IS is part of a link-state Interior Gateway protocol and supports CLNP, IPv4, and IPv6.  To verify your platform support, please see my article covering the Cisco...

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November 30, 2008  2:18 PM

What is Route Table Profiling and How can it help you?

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Networking, Routing

Originally introduced as a hidden command in IOS 11, Route Table Profiling is now an officially supported command and can be very helpful to Cisco network Admins. With Route Table Profiling, you can monitor for fluxuations in the routing table, route flapping, and network outages, among other...

November 14, 2008  4:21 PM

Cisco Service Provider Router Overview – the most powerful routers ever made

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Networking, Routing

In a recent article, I covered the Cisco service provider router lineup. These amazing routers are what allow us to surf the web and watch IPTV. In this article I cover routers like the CRS-1 (Cisco's most powerful router) and the new Cisco ASR 9000 and 1000 routers. To see the full article, read ...

October 20, 2008  3:15 PM

Cisco’s new Routing & Switching 360 Learning Program

Posted by: David Davis
Certifications, Cisco, Networking, Routing

Cisco announced a new learning program that will be offered from select learning partners. This could be like the master's program of Cisco routing and switching with the CCIE lab being the capstone. The new

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October 15, 2008  8:12 PM

Use extended ping and extended traceroute to better troubleshoot your Cisco network

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Network Management, Networking, Routing

In one of my recent articles, I covered how to use the Cisco IOS extended ping and traceroute commands to troubleshoot your network. Knowledge of how these commands work is critical to solving many networking issues. The extended options give you so much power! Read the full article at:

October 5, 2008  8:06 PM

How to set OSPF Limit Retransmissions using OSPF to help the system admin

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Routing

The limit for demand and non-demand circuits is set to 24 by default. Sometimes that’s not enough time to ensure that all our data packets are arriving successfully. That’s when this command comes in handy. Here is the command for limit retransmissions: limit retransmissions {[dc...

September 23, 2008  6:48 AM

When to prefer Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) route over an EIGRP route

Posted by: David Davis
Cisco, Networking, OSPF, Routing

The shortest path between two points is always a straight line or in this case it’s the administrative distance. OSPF has an administrative distance of 110 while EIGRP has only 90. Therefore, EIGRP would be picked because of its lower administrative cost. If you want to use OSPF over EIGRP,...

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